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    Possibly Overcarbed sparkling wine?? Help needed.

    Hey all I hope you are all doing well. I recently got a cornelius setup, and decided that I would carb some sparkling wine first. I did some reading, and since I didn't have a fridge at that point I set the co2to 4 volumes. I have since got a t-stat controlled freezer set at 45, and...
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    Beer fridge/freezer...How Cold?

    Hey all, Just got a 20 cu ft deep freeze off craigslist, and will pick up a temp controller and another corny keg tomorrow. I am still very new at this so my question is what is the lowest temp that you would lager or serve a beer at? I can get a fridge for next to nothing, and my...
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    Newbie Kegging Question..

    Hey all HBTers, I hope you are all doing well today. I recently was at my local hbsupply and picked up a corny keg, regulator, picnic tap and the lines to run to the co2 tank, and a beer gun for bottling. I know there is a pretty easy way to build one, but I am very busy w/my last yr of...
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    Possibly over primed?

    Hey all, just finished bottling my first batch of apfelwein. I bottled 14 wine bottles, and thought I had about 2g left, so I primed with 2 oz by weight of corn sugar. After mixing and putting into the beer bottles, I only got about 15.5 bottles of beer, not the 20 I expected. So, I should...
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    Air in carboy, can I use co2 to purge, or should I put in smaller carboys??

    Hey all, the title on this thread is pretty much self explanitory, but I will go in to a little more detail. I am making my first wine. It is from a vinters reserve riesling kit. After racking into secondary, and appropriate waiting period verified by gravity readings, I racked off the...
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    top-up carboy before bottling?

    hey, I'm about to bottle my first batch, and due to the sediment my 5 gal carboy is only about 2/3 full. Should I top it up with cool water?? boiled and cooled water?? or bottle as is? thanks, b
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    Raising specific gravity...

    Hello all, I hope you are all doing well today. I am a beginner and need a little help/advice. I started with a wine conc kit and a beer kit. The wine sg has been fine so far, but the beer I am a little worried about. The beer was a chamomile wheat kit from my local brewstore. On the...