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    German (style) Lager Bittering Hop

    Today I am brewing a Vienna style lager. Here's my grain bill for the curious: 5# Vienna Malt 4# Munich 9L 1.5# Caravienne .5# Carapils I've got plenty of Hallertau available for aroma, so that ones easy. However, I don't have anything in the way of German or Continental Bittering Hops...
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    Sparging too fast (not too long) introduces tannins?

    Assuming: A) I get great efficiency (75%+) in my mash tun B) I've never stuck a sparge in my mash tun C) I've never sparged past 2 degrees Plato (1.008) Can I sparge too fast? I've told a couple of brewers recently that I fly sparge for 15 minutes (7 gallons of wort) with 75%...
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    Better Bottle: Go All out?

    I'm going to buy a couple of Better Bottles. I love clear fermentation vessles, but I just broke my first carboy the other day (no injuries, thank god!), so if I'm going to do it it will be Better Bottles. My initial plan was a pair of 6-gallon bottles and carboy hoods. Simple, compatible with...