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  1. Fennis

    What got you into the hobby?

    My wife bought me a Mr. Beer kit for a Christmas gift including my own pots and utensils to brew everything in--knowing I would probably destroy her nice Pampered Chef things. She thought it might be something that would interest me--little did she know. She even did some research to find out...
  2. Fennis

    Wedding beer

    Maybe consider making a blonde or cream ale? I brewed a beer for a family wedding last summer, and while I initially was thinking about making a beer tuned to the wedding couple, I thought a little harder about that and instead brewed a bear that would appeal to almost any beer drinker at the...
  3. Fennis

    Clerks who hold onto your credit card

    I haven't been to a store in a long time where the clerk is the one swiping the card, stores around here now have pads and the customer is the one swiping. The only places that I can think of that still takes your card is a restaurant or a small mom and pop shop, and in those cases the clerks at...
  4. Fennis

    I want to like hops

    It took me a little while to enjoy hoppy beers, but now I love them. I am not sure if you have a specialty beer store in your area or a bar/restaurant with a lot of beers on tap, but going somewhere and having someone knowledge about beer would be a big help in guiding you towards beers with a...
  5. Fennis

    Boiling sanitizes the about top-off water? Doesnt need sanitization?

    I've always just used top off water directly from my tap. I use a sanitized container, from the tap to the carboy, but otherwise, its just cool tap water directly from my well. I've been brewing for a few years now and its never been a problem.
  6. Fennis

    Can someone help me get started?

    To answer your questions though: Yes, boiling is very important. It kills off bacteria and removes impurities from the water. Once you mix everything, yes you would put it into a fermenter, with an airlock, and once the fermentation process is done, you need to either put it in a secondary...
  7. Fennis

    Can someone help me get started?

    I was wondering in the back of my mind if you were a college student. If your goal here is to produce a large amount of some sort of alcohol to consume, mead is not going to be your answer. Mead takes much more time to mature and be drinkable, and as Photopilot stated, the higher the alcohol...
  8. Fennis

    Can someone help me get started?

    Is your only concern alcohol content? To me anyway, brewing beer, mead, or wine has less to do with the alcohol content and getting drunk and more with brewing something that tastes great and is something I created. If getting drunk is your only concern, its going to be cheaper and less time...
  9. Fennis

    Can someone help me get started?

    I haven't done a mead yet myself, but I have researched it as well because I want to make a batch--though I am thinking right now on a much smaller scale of a 5 gallon batch. I know for the honey itself, just make sure its pure, natural honey and not mixed with stuff like corn syrup. I have a...
  10. Fennis

    How long is too long in primary?

    I wouldn't worry about it. I've usually leave my beer in the primary for around 3 to 4 weeks, sometimes 5 if I am busy and don't have a chance to transfer it to the keg. It has never seemed to impact the taste or flavor of the beer. The only time I wouldn't let it sit extra long is if you were...
  11. Fennis

    Fruit in a wheat?

    It seems to be that would be like a fruit juice wheat, and while it works for juicy juice, I think actually using real fruit with such distinctly different flavors would just end up being a wheat beer with a tart flavor to it. A blueberry wheat is very tasty, probably one of my favorite fruity...
  12. Fennis

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Congrats! We have a baby girl due May 8th and in celebration for that, I'll be brewing a 5g SMaSH using one of my favorite hops, simcoe.
  13. Fennis

    Arrgh!! Microsoft Demons got me.

    Open Office is the quick, easy, and free fix. Then copy everything into a new google doc and you will have access to it on any computer/tablet anywhere.
  14. Fennis

    A spice rub in a beer??

    Don't rubs usually include a lot of salt? I cannot see how that would be all that good. Why not instead figure out good beers that pair well with different rubs or BBQ sauce?
  15. Fennis

    making beer better

    Okay, well I guess it would be helpful to know a little more about your setup. What are you brewing with now? What is your capacity? Can do you do full boils? When the wife started me on this whole journey with a Mr. Beer kit, she also bought a 5g aluminum pot. So once I discovered how much...
  16. Fennis

    Do we need the trub from boiling in our fermentor?

    I tend to leave all the trub in the boiling kettle. I usually have bits of hops in there to which probably wouldn't change anything, but the yeast really care about the sugar. If you are using dry yeast, they already have the vital nutrients they need to get started and when I use liquid...
  17. Fennis

    Pumpkin ale question

    When I made a pumpkin ale last year, I did it in the mash. The canned pumpkin I bought was with no sugar added, so it was really only adding in starches/mouthfeel to the beer--it left almost no pumpkin taste to the beer. Honestly in doing some searching on google and these forums, there are...
  18. Fennis

    Propane burner

    My dog discovered this with the tip of her tail one time. Dog hair burns/melts pretty quickly when the burner is going wide open and now my dog is nowhere to be found when I start pulling out the brewing equipment.
  19. Fennis

    I have a 3 liter starter now just need a recipe.

    I like the Cream of Three Crops recipe. Its an easy drinking beer and it would be a good offset to the hoppy clone you plan to make. You could also look at doing a blonde ale as that is also a rather easy drinking beer without a lot of hops in it. You could also do a pumpkin ale. That has...
  20. Fennis

    Partial boil?

    Yes, an initial boil oxidizes the aluminum and makes it safe for boiling. If you are going to spend the money for a 3.5-4 gallon kettle, honestly, save up the extra few $$ and get a 40qt/10g aluminum pot. Its so worth the extra money and you will seriously produce better beers and have the...