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  1. JungMin

    Change in Volumes of CO2 @ Different Temperatures

    Hi, If I carbonate a beer at 34ºF and 9psi (giving 2.5 volumes of CO2) and then warm that beer up to 53ºF to serve, what will the resulting volume of CO2 be at the serving temperature? In other words, my carbonating temperature is 34ºF....How can I calculate the proper psi at that...
  2. JungMin

    Anybody thought about what a RIMS mash does to your beer?

    I just finished building my system and hadn't thought of this until halfway through my first batch with it....I am curious as well. The beer turned out fantastic, but I too would like to know what others think it does. Is there any scientific evidence to prove ill effects or otherwise?
  3. JungMin


    Why you selling?
  4. JungMin

    How much idophor do you guys use?

    Cool...Thanks for that.
  5. JungMin

    How much idophor do you guys use?

    So the 1g of Iodine that is listed on the bottle is what I need to concern myself with? It is the titratable Iodine?? Seems similar as it is 1% in my case as well.
  6. JungMin

    How much idophor do you guys use?

    I need some help please. I bought some providone iodine. It says: per 100ml of solution, there is 10g of providone and 1g of iodine. So, is this the same concentration of iodine solution that everyone here is using?? Do I just need to dilute 1.25ml of iodine in 1L to get the 12.5ppm? My...
  7. JungMin

    Sub for iodine?

    So to make this a no-rinse solution, add 1.25ml to 1L of water to get the 12.5ppm needed? Is my math correct?
  8. JungMin

    Rice Beer (Korean)

    Has anyone found a good recipe for this??? I'm living in Korea now and love the stuff!!! Definitely an acquired taste, as is the beer here!!! OK, maybe I will never like the beer....But makkoli is good!!!
  9. JungMin

    Cornelius keg fermenter

    This is still working well?? I want to start brewing some lagers, but I have no where to ferement the beer at lager temps except my kegerator (holds two kegs). When my next keg empties, I am going to brew up a lager and try the above, leaving one beer on tap. Unfortunately, I have no other...
  10. JungMin

    cost of All grain vs extract ??

    I'm currently living in S. Korea, the land where the beer sucks and homebrew isn't cheap. It costs me $60 or so to brew a 5gal. batch (partial mash). Definitely not cheap....brings a tear to my eye to read how cheap it is at home!! But its fun and my beer is MUCH better than S. Korean beer...
  11. JungMin

    Speciality Malts - Which Require Mashing??

    OK, thanks for that guys. So apparently I used some grains that needed to be mashed!!! :) I used 225g each of Vienna and Munich. What is the downside to this?? Has this ruined the beer? The beer fermented and has reached the F.G. that was expected. It's still sitting in the fermenter...
  12. JungMin

    Speciality Malts - Which Require Mashing??

    My go-to HBS in Seoul, Korea (of maybe 5? in the whole country) has a few different malts available. Here is the webpage: Grain Malts. I have 'The Complete Joy of Homebrewing', and it says that Crystal Malt has already been mashed. But Dextrine (Cara-pils) Mild, Vienna, and Munich malts all...
  13. JungMin

    Adding Cherries to Stout - How much?

    Well, I may have to pass on the cherries. I brew in S. Korea where homebrewing supplies are limited. I thought I had seen canned cherries in water for a decent price, but it turns out they are close to $7 for a 400g can. There were fresh cherries in the supermarket, but the were extremely...
  14. JungMin

    Adding Cherries to Stout - How much?

    Most posts here definitely recommend adding fruit once racked to the secondary, but I'm not sure how much to add. I have a can of cherries in syrup, but how much to add to the secondary?? The whole can (not a small can, the bigger ones. like a can of tomatoes)?? Thanks
  15. JungMin

    Yeast Culture - How Much To Add When Pitching?

    Great.....Thanks again for that link.
  16. JungMin

    Yeast Culture - How Much To Add When Pitching?

    Perfect. Thanks for that!! So when I pitched a liter or so of slurry last time, it was way too much. Can pitching too much cause problems??? Or is it ok, but just a waste??
  17. JungMin

    Yeast Culture - How Much To Add When Pitching?

    I used some liquid yeast for the first time 2 batches ago. I collected all of the yeast on the bottom of the fermenter when it was done. On my next batch, I pitched all of the yeast that I collected from the fermenter, which was a fair amount. Fermentation started in about 2.5 hours...
  18. JungMin

    Counter-Flow Chiller Length??

    Ya, looks great dude!!! Glad it works well too!!!
  19. JungMin

    CFC chiller cleaning

    I've only brewed with my new one once, but immediately afterwards I ran a hot, strong B-Brite solution through it. Then I rinsed it with hot and cold water. Then I filled it with One-Step....There is no way anything can harden inside it when it's full of liquid (I wouldn't think). I really...
  20. JungMin

    I was druck enough to drink a bud light!

    Ohh no....Not Hite?!?!? Atleast you didn't subject yourself to OB, or *shiver* CASS. Ahhh, that garbage is the WORST beer I have ever tasted in my life. Without the slightest hesitation, I would grab a bud over any Hite, OB, or Cass!!