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    Carb Tabs

    My question is, Will Carb tabs work if i sulphite a cider.
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    Home brew shops

    Within the last year 4 home brew shops have opened in my area I was wondering if anyone else has experienced such a thing And i am left to wonder where are all these new homebrewers coming from
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    So i went fishing on th susqehanna river and got a 10 inch smallmouth but im thinking it might be my last time fishing until spring and i got sad so i drowned my many sorrows n homebrew
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    Chili and Lime mead

    Here is my idea, Critizism welcome. Im going to make a mead and i was thinking of using a dried chili pepper in the secondary i was also think of adding lime zest and juice. 3# of clover honey. I know some people have made a habenro mead But im think that a dried or smoked pepper...
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    Can We be done with apfelwein?

    Seriously everyother post is about apfelwine. How can someone need help making it. how many questions can people ask. Its enough if you are having trouble with the directions of mixing juice with sugar and yeast then go stick your head in a blender. BaBa Boey
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    Wine From Grapes

    So last year i planted 3 seedless concord grape vines, with the intention of a true homebrew. But now Im not sure im up for this I have no idea about crushing grapes, should they ferment on the skins. I know i still have a few months before the grapes are ripe so im trying to have...
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    Corn Wine

    So I just pitched the yeast on this brew. It goes like this 3Gal batch. 6# Sweet corn, 9 oranges zest and juice. 36 peppercorns ,2 cans of white grape juice concentrate and 10.5# of sugar, Yeast EC-1118. this recipe is from the purple book that everyone has. In the recipe...
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    sparkaloid and bottle carbing

    I want to know if I use sparkaloid on a wine to help it clear will i still be able bottle carb the beverage. basically will there be any (living)yeast still in suspension after sparkaloid
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    leap year mead 3

    Can we start another group mead this year I know its not a leap year but who cares. we can call it (insert funny quip) mead. Just a sugestion but the leap year mead was alot of fun. Actually i think i need to rack that sucker
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    Corn Wine

    There is a recipe in the purple wine book for a corn wine. I was wondering if anyone ever tried it. Mine plan is to boost the sugar use ec-118 and hopefully get something around 16%. Then i would like to get some oak cubes for the secondary and hopefully get something similar to...
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    Banana and raisin mead

    Im looking for a bannana and raisin mead recipe but have been unlucky in my search could I use a banana and raisin wine recipe and sawp the sugar for honey?
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    Leap year mead

    My first batch of leap year mead is fermenting away and Im thinking about the secondary already I was wondering if anyone ever put raspberries in with the vanilla beans. And should I cut and scrap the beans or leave them whole. Thanks for any comments
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    Thanks To Tusch

    Beacause of Tusch's blueberry experiment, I have 3Gallons of apple juice fermenting on 3lbs of dark sweet cherries. I will taste in two weeks and deceied if im going to rack on more cherries or not either wayTusch And ed wort are kings among men