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  1. scotsmn30

    Kansas Honey Wheat

    I have been playing with getting a good honey wheat beer that had both the honey taste and a real wheat flavoring. After several attempt I have come up with this one that is probably one of the best I have ever tasted. Kansas Honey Wheat Grain: 5 lbs. Pale 2-row Malt 2 lbs. Munich 2...
  2. scotsmn30

    Is it to early for a lot of buds?

    I have 3 different hops plants that are all in their second year. They are growing great but are already all loaded with hops. I know that harvest is usually not till late August to sept. So my question, is it possible that I will get an early harvest??
  3. scotsmn30

    Samsung Instinct beer Apps???

    I can find a brewing app for Iphone, but not for the Instinct or any other phone. Does anyone know of one??
  4. scotsmn30

    First All Grain, looking good.

    Well, Today I took the plung into the all grain reality. I was about out of beer and personally was not real happy with the extracts that I have been making so wanted to try my hand at all grain. I am a bit of a DIYer so went got some CPVC and a cooler to make my Mash tun, then went to the...
  5. scotsmn30

    I hate choices, need advise

    Hey all, this is my first cider and so far all has gone well, It taste great to me but a bit to dry for SWMBO. I started this the weekend before christmas using Nottingham yeast, racked it to secondary middle of January and have let it sit since. For the last 2 weeks it has sat at a reading of...
  6. scotsmn30

    Shepherd's coffee stout

    6 lbs Amber LME 1/2 lb. of Crystal 60L Malt 1/2 lb. of Black Roast Barley 1/4 lb. of Dextrose Malt 3 cups Dark roasted coffee 1 oz. Willamette hops 7% 1 oz. Sterling Hops 5% Steep grains for 30 min at 150F in 1.5 gals water. Rinse grains with 1 gal of water heated...
  7. scotsmn30

    First Partial Grain

    This is the first beer that I ever home brewed and it was a partial grain stout. Very tasty if I do say so myself :mug: . I have two more brewing now and one on deck. I am addicted completely now.
  8. scotsmn30

    My Kegerator build up

    Last Thursday I picked this beer cooler up for a steal ($50) :rockin: and new instantly that it would be my future kegerator. I will be ordering the parts soon but started the clean up already and decided that I would share in my great find and build up. This is the inside before cleaning and...