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    Saison with Wyeast 3724 - 94 degrees ideal?

    Why? Would you like to disapoint yourself? It ain't done, it ain't close. Forget about it for a month+. Think about the next brew, OK.:D
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    This Saison Fermentation is a Beast....

    2 months in a swamp bath 80 to 85 degrees. Went from 1062 to a mighty fine 1006. Tastes like a spicy apple pear dream. Give it a swirl every once and awhile.
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    Safale US-05 Attenuation

    It may be but I make way to much beer to sit on a batch that didn't turn out. All in all, with the number of different attenuation percents of this yeast it makes me wonder about the QC of US-05.
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    Safale US-05 Attenuation

    You know, i just dumped 5gals of IPA last night that i used US-05 on (wasn't going to drink 5 gals of bitterly dry beer). Went from 1.070 to 1.005, 90%+ attenuation, mashed at 150 for an hour. Figured it was wild yeast helped but now, maybe not.
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    Refill CO2 (Central WI)?

    Safety Pro over on Hoover, just north of the tracks. Got to hit them early, i think they're there only 7-1 weekdays.
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    Palmer went to MI Tech!

    Ya Der It's where I learned the craft.. Thank God for the Co-op. Class of 00' Forestry.
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    WOW - just took my mash PH for the 1st time

    Might be able to help. Wis DnR holds all public water info in a database, a little hunting with give you your specs.$.startup Put in Columbus , Municipal community Find Click on Columbus From there scroll down to Other...