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    Help with Beer Smith 2

    Need some help getting Beer Smith dialed in for my first all grain if anyone can help. Trying to get the software setup right and would appreciate some one talking me through the process to make sure I get it right. I.E. initial setup and understanding how to adjust for water recipe.
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    1.000 Gravity on 14 day Riesling???

    Kit says to rack at day 14 and .098 gravity. Should I rack or wait a few days and watch the gravity everyday?:drunk:
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    Bad beer cause of IKE!!!

    Well I have no power at home and I'm in another state. I had a blonde ale brewin in a freezer with a temp controller in my garage and now that there is no power I'm almost difinatly going to have to chunk it. Today would be the time to rack into a carboy but now I have to tell the wife to pour...
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    Did I start my dry yeast right?

    I was told to put it in warm water for 30 min and then pitch in my wort since my liquid yeast did not take off. Is that right?
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    Brew is bad due to yeast, Need New Supplier

    I have bought my homebrew startup kit, all my brews, all my equipment from one comapny and now I need new one. I brewed for 2 years and then stopped due to work and 2 years later I'm back at it. I did everything the way I always do, but when you get a kit in the mail and the cold pack around...