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    Why is the top of my cider black?

    Hey guys, This cider has been in the secondary at my friends house for about a month while he's been out of town. When he came back he showed me a picture of it and something is definitely wrong. The top 3 or 4 inches of the cider is black, here's a link to the pic. It was made with...
  2. K

    Peach Cider

    Hey guys, I'm making a cider and wanted to mix it up a bit so decided that I'll add peach puree. I ordered some Oregon Peach Puree and got it today. Originally I was planning on adding the whole can but after receiving it I've noticed how liquidy it is and now I'm worried it will...
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    Rhizomes or Growing Tips Near DC?

    Hey, I just moved to the DC area, found out the house I'm in has a big, sunny yard and the owner is keen on brewing/growing some hops. I was wondering if there was anyone in the DC area that might have some rhizomes willing to spare or if anyone has some tips as to what kinds work well in...
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    Samoan cocoa mass in a chocolate stout: Opinions?

    Hey guys, I recently tried Harpoon's Chocolate Stout and enjoyed it enough to want to do my own take on it. So I sifted through the forums here to find out as much as I could on people's reflections on actual chocolate in beer. The main thing I determined is that it doesn't seem people can...
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    Regulator Troubleshooting

    I seem to be having some trouble with my regulator and wondering if any of you have had a similar problem and know what needs tightening, fixing, or replacing. The obvious symptom is that something is leaking. The current 5lb CO2 tank didn't get me through 3 corny kegs and that doesn't...
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    Fermentation Control

    Hey all, I had an idea for a fermentation control system and wanted to bounce the idea off some other people. The basic concept is that I want to be able to individually control the temperature of several brews during the fermentation stage. I'd like to be able to do lagers and ales, so...
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    Bottle explosion forensics

    Here's my story. About 3-4 weeks ago my dorm room started smelling like beer for some reason. I thought this was odd because I always wash out all my bottles but sometimes I delay a day so whatever. A little while after that I notice a piece of glass on my bathroom floor. This is odd...