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    How to get Beersmith on a Mac??

    Beersmith 2.0 (Mac Compatable) is in limited beta currently, I think it will be released mid to late sumer.
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    No Krausen

    My last beer had a lag time of 6 hours, it was nice.
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    No Krausen

    You could check the gravity of the starter to make sure you had fermentation. The stir plate will remove all the free co2 from solution very well, so you maybe have missed that stage.
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    It will settle.
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    Hops Survey!!!

    That other store should be BrewBrothers in Hillsboro, 1-1.50/oz. And they have any grain you would ever want super cheap too.
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    Ubuntu Linux Beer Program?

    Beersmith for linux requires internet explorer to be installed. Look into ie4linux
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    Nottinghams + Big Beer=Starter?

    w/ dry yeast, you normally just use more dry yeast. Notty is super cheap too.
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    Windows XP crash HELP!

    I use Mozy for online backups, its free for a couple of gigs, flat fee after that for unlimited. As far as the external drives sucking...they usually put really cheap drives in them. I use one of the RAID externals for backups, that way if one of the drives in them dies, its not gone.
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    Windows XP crash HELP!

    Alternative bartpe, use Ubuntu Live CD, copy stuff to external hard drive. There are tons of guide on using Ubuntu to recover files. Another option is to buy a new hard drive and a usb converter for the old hard drive, that way the old one isn't touched except to get stuff off of it, and...
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    Mash and Lauter - Combined or Seperate?

    On the homebrew scale, there is not much of a reason to have a separate mash and lautering vessel. The coolers are converted for mashing and lautering. Do you have links to the products you are looking at? I am not familiar with them.
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    Eliminating GOOGLE as search function

    What is your source on google selling your personal information, as far as I know, google does not sell search history.
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    While it is not called a sanitizer, it is the product that 5star sells to breweries for the final rinse after washing with PBW. It is there to kill the nasties. It does require a longer contact time btw.
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    Opinions on use of false bottom as hopback in Blichmann Boilermaker?

    Wow that is awesome! +1 for the Boilmaker!
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    Opinions on use of false bottom as hopback in Blichmann Boilermaker?

    The false bottom will not work very well. My suggestion is to put a bigger bag on what you already have. Most people here use the 5 gallon paint strainer bags.
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    Opinions on use of false bottom as hopback in Blichmann Boilermaker?

    Are you wanting to use it for a hop back or a hop filter. They are very different.
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    1st Time growing hops...some Qs

    If you want lots of hops, I would do 7 types, with spaced 2' so thats 3-4 plants per box. The first year, you may not get many hops, I had a very good first year, with 3/4# per plant, but don't count on it. I got my plants from Lots of good info there also.
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    So, went to pick up a growler of Rogue yesterday

    An imperial pint is actually 19.2 US OZ, or 20 Imperial OZ
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    Kill-A-Watt Brewery Build Compilation

    I have set up alot of wireless bridges, the easiest is to use DD-WRT. Buy a compatible router, flash it with dd-wrt, change the wireless mode to client bridge and select your wireless network. The BCS will then grab all its information from the main router.
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    Volumes of CO2

    when you have 2.5 volumes of co2 in beer, it is not temp dependent. 20 deg C refers to a standard condition at which everything is calculated, because the volume of a gas changes with temperature. The different pressures to obtain the volume of co2 is based of Henry's law, as Henry's constant...
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    How to pronounce Williamette The audio there says it correct.