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    Keggle weldless valve still leaking

    Looks like this post is over 6 years old now but I figured I would give my thoughts anyway! I had a small leak from the hole I drilled for the ball valve. After messing around with different gasket and washer combos I ended up using a VERY generous amount of Teflon tape on both sides of the...
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    natural vs. forced

    I bottled with natural carb (obviously) for about 8 months and just recently started force carbing with kegs. I love it. I will NEVER go back. Taste better to me. Brian
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    Question about CO2 in Keezer

    Hey Everyone! I'm about to transfer my Pale Ale to secondary and take it out of the fermentation chamber. I was going to drop the keezer to 40f and keep my stout inside and then I realized I wasn't sure about something, and this is probably a really dumb question. I know you shouldnt take CO2...
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    Question: Beer left in Beer line

    What temp is your stout sitting at? It's my understanding that if you're keeping your beer chilled (40 degrees or so) the psi should be about 3-5 for stouts, other beers are different. But it's all personal opinion :)
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    I can see where kegging could be a problem

    Yeah I know exactly what you guys are talking about as far as the simplicity of the keg goes. I installed some shelves right above my keezer and its VERY easy to draw a perfectly carbonated homebrew out of my keg when I'm in the garage taking out the garbage :) But I usually just have 1..or 6.
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    Question: Beer left in Beer line

    Deezy, I've got a keezer already but im currently using it as a fermentation chamber for this Pale Ale i'm making. My keg is sitting out in the open in my garage which usually stays about 60 degrees. Once the Ale is done I'm gonna put the keg back inside and drop it to 40.
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    Did I move to Secondary Too Early?

    I would just keep an eye on the gravity, a lot of people say never trust the air lock - but it sounds like you already know that :) As for switching to Secondary I dont think it really matters WHAT is ferments in just keep it out of the light and at a consistent temperature. Good luck! Brian
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    Question: Beer left in Beer line

    How's it going everyone! I'm new to HBT, I've been directed to your website a few times from Google after typing random homebrew questions into the search engine. I finally decided to create an account and join the community. Anyhow, I have looked through quite a few of the threads inside the...