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  1. enicholson

    Miller Lite Home Draft Dissected

    I just picked one of these up at Harris Teeter for $17.99. Terrible price for 5.7L of Miller, but a great price for a (hopefully) reusable tap & bottle. For those that were interested. The bottle is EXACTLY the same as my official Tap-A-Draft bottles, not just similar but exact. I'm sure...
  2. enicholson

    Someone Tell Me About Fat Tire Ale

    Fat Tire & Mothership should be pretty obviously different. Fat Tire is a pretty amber/red hue with nice malty notes and no wheat. Mothership is pale blonde with a citrusy wheat character. Maybe the taps or bottles got mixed up?
  3. enicholson

    iPhone brew app...

    Brew Pal! It's great, and only $.99! I tried iBrewMaster, but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. It's more of a scheduling/organization app than a recipe calculator.
  4. enicholson

    Gluten Free Pale Ale

    There's some info about gluten free beers in this months "all about beer" magazine. I believe they came to the conclusion that sorghum and other grains worked well in sweeter beers like dopple bocks, but were a little too sweet for pale ales.
  5. enicholson

    Brew in a Bag - Why not add grain before water?

    I have a 50,000 BTU wok burner, so it's reasonably quick, but any extra conversion time would be a good thing right? Or should I be worried about finishing too dry? Thanks again!
  6. enicholson

    Brew in a Bag - Why not add grain before water?

    Thanks everybody! I brewed yesterday and decided to try adding water to the grain. It was only a partial mash (5.5 lbs grain) because I had some LME that I needed to use. I put a folding stainless steel steamer basket in the kettle like a false bottom to prevent scorching. Then I added a...
  7. enicholson

    Brew in a Bag - Why not add grain before water?

    So I'm getting ready to start a BIAB batch, and I'm reading all these comments about avoiding clumping when you add the grain... Why not add the grain to the pot, then the water, and then bring it up to temperature? Obviously you have to worry about overshooting the mash temp, but other than...
  8. enicholson

    About to deploy for a year

    No idea what'll age well... But THANKS! We all owe you a beer.
  9. enicholson

    Good Beers Available in NC

    There are a bunch of new breweries around the Triangle (Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh) that I haven't tried yet. But I always like almost anything from Highland brewery in Asheville, the Gaelic and Oatmeal Porter are good and readily available at any grocery. Carolina Brewing Co. is pretty...
  10. enicholson

    I can't take it anymore

    Every taste of an incomplete beer is another notch on your education of how beer is made. If I only wanted to taste perfect finished beer I wouldn't brew my own!
  11. enicholson

    Best comprehensive homebrew kit for beginners?

    I got a kit from Midwest about 6 mo ago and still love it. Very affordable, and good quality stuff that you can use for a long time. They have a bunch of different packages, but I got the Brewing Starter Kit w/ Better Bottle. Order a bottle of StarSan & an ingredient kit with it, start saving...
  12. enicholson

    40 qrt stockpot for 22.40 - >35.00 w shipping

    Kewl. 40qt en route!
  13. enicholson

    StarSan on plastic

    Speaking from experience, I wouldn't recommend soaking a nylon grain bag in full strength undiluted Star San. I did that once by accident (those caps aren't as tight as you think) and the grain bag completely dissolved! But all of my intentional use on my Ale Pale, tubing, better bottle has...
  14. enicholson

    How Stuff Works

    It was pretty cool, but nothing you guys don't already know. Although I did learn that the "Urquell" in Pilsner Urquell is pronounced "irk well". :) Good interviews with the guys at Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada, and some small shop named Anheuser something...
  15. enicholson

    Low Calorie Homebrew?

    How about you just brew regular beer and cut it with a bit of seltzer water...
  16. enicholson

    Star San 8 oz bottle question....

    And store that stuff upright! My bottle was sideways in my bag of goodies and the crappy caps leaked and the stuff made a huge mess and melted my nylon grain bag! Other than that... works great! :)
  17. enicholson

    Leinenkugel's Fireside Nut Brown

    Ugh that was a crappy beer. Nut brown it aint. I'm pretty sure it was fermented from left over cotton candy and cigarette butts after the state fair. I've got 3 in the fridge that SWMBO claims she's gonna drink, but she keeps stealing my Dogfish Head instead... Can't say that I blame her...
  18. enicholson

    any tips on buying a Turkey Fryer?

    I just noticed this on that Cabela's link: Due to a new CSA regulation, all turkey fryers built after July 2007 will be equipped with a safety shut-off timer. The timer will shut off the gas supply after a preset time period unless the user manually resets it. Bummer.
  19. enicholson

    any tips on buying a Turkey Fryer?

    I'm interested in one too. Any tips on where to score an after thanksgiving special?
  20. enicholson

    Anyone use Midwest's "Kit of the Month"?

    I haven't tried the club but I bought a kit from them (Flat Tire Ale). I was really happy the results. It shipped fast, had everything I needed with some basic instructions, and seemed like very fresh high quality stuff. I'm actually just getting ready to order another one... Edit: Oh yeah...