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    TA4 snr

    Wired a TA4 for on/off. PID functions are all Off. oUd is set to cool. Therefore, if PV is higher than SV, out1 light is on. Using a SS relay input of 2.5 to 30. Output 120 vac. However, the input reading on the relay using a meter is 1. No reading on the output side of the relay. Any ideas...
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    low OG

    Brew 10 gal batches, 13½ gallons into the boiler, using 22+ pounds of grains. Normally the OG is somewhere north of 1.050. Depending on style mash is anywhere between 144° to 151°, mash out @ 168° and sparge @ 172°. For the last couple of brews the OG is stuck on 1.030. Checked hydrometer...