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    First Barley Wine attempt - yeast question

    Hi, I've brewed a fair amount of extract sled but am thinking of trying my first barley whine. I was thinking about the recipe in Palmers book. For yeast, it recommends using the dregs from a previous batch, preferably from a secondary. I actually have batches now in primary and secondary. The...
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    advice on using Amarillo hops

    Cheers everyone, I've made maybe 7 batches so I thought I would move out of the beginners forum. A more experienced coworker told me great things about Amarillo and I want to give it a try. I recently made a batch of the Lady Liberty Ale in Palmers book, one that uses a fair amount of...
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    Help! Rubber stopper fell into the carboy

    I've brewed five or six batches but I figured this boo boo warranted this forum. I'm using a borrowed carboy and the rubber stopper I bought at the local liquor outlet's brew section seemed to fit just fine. But after I racked the beer in, and added some dry hops, I went to seat the stopper...
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    Best brands & sources of extract?

    Hi folks, I just wanted to ask if you think there are any certain brands of LME that you think work better than others. I've only used what's come in beer kits (Midwest and Briess, I think) and Muntons. I think they worked fine but I haven't exactly brewed enough batches to know. Also, if...
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    Steeping grains

    Hi, I'm a new brewer, just have 3 extract kits under my belt, hoping to do my fourth batch tomorrow. My first three were kits, two from Midwest and the other from a local shop. For the next one , I individually bought the ingredients for the Three Weisse Guys wheat beer that's in John Palmers...