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  1. mikechambers

    How to determine desired volumes of CO2

    I am bottling a California Common tonight, and am trying to figure out how much priming sugar I need. I am using this form: The Beer Recipator - Carbonation However, I have no idea how to figure out the desired volumes of CO2. Can anyone give me an idea of how to figure this out...
  2. mikechambers

    How Much Priming Sugar for Irish Stout

    I am about to bottle my Irish Stout (extract kit from Northern Brewer). I have 5 oz of priming sugar from Norther Brewers. How much of the sugar should I use? My first beer was a Nut Brown Ale and it was a little too carbonated for my liking (5 oz priming sugar). However, 5 oz seemed to...
  3. mikechambers

    Problem with Johnson Controls A419 Digital Temp Controller

    I just received a pre-wired Johnson Controls A419 Digital Temp Controller from Northern Brewers. I plugged it in, and then plugged the fridge into it, and the fridge works fine. However, I get not information on the LCD display, and the...
  4. mikechambers

    Wyeast smack pack question

    Does anyone know if wyeast smack packs are considered wet or dry yeast? Specifically, should I worry about the yeast making it through an extended mail trip? (i.e. potentially 7 days). Or should I just get a packet of dry yeast? mike
  5. mikechambers

    Cleaning Better Bottle Carboys

    Any suggestions for detergent to use to clean Better Bottle Carboys? Can I use oxy clean? or unscented dishwashing detergent? Ive seen this page: but it wasnt clean on if i could use those detergents. thanks...
  6. mikechambers

    Siphon tubing question

    When i ordered my siphon tubing, I accidentally only ordered 1 ft. So I went to Lowes and got some vinly tubing of the same size. On the side of the box, it says not for refrigerator ice / water systems. I think this is because they are not rated for the pressure, but want to make sure that...
  7. mikechambers

    Help reading my hydrometer

    This is my first brew, and I am trying to learn how to read the hydrometer. I got some readings which seemed odd the first time, which i posted in this thread: Tonight I took a reading, and I think it is: 1.014 - 1.016 You can see a photo...
  8. mikechambers

    Need Help understanding hydrometer reading

    I just took my first hydrometer reading, and am not sure if I am doing it correctly. I took the reading, and it was 2 notches above 1.000. However, I am not sure if that is 1.040 or 1.004. The hydrometer reading looks like: 1.000 - - - - - 10 20 30 40 1.050 I am making a nutbrown ale. I...
  9. mikechambers

    Why is my beer moving?

    My first homebrew has been in the carboy for about 48 hours, and is showing a lot of activity. One thing I noticed that really surprised me is that the actual beer is moving around quite vigorously. You can see it in this video clip I made: Why is it moving? What is causing the...
  10. mikechambers

    Couple of newbie questions

    This past weekend I brewed up my first batch of homebrew (an extract based Nut Brown Ale). It is fermenting away well, and I am really excited (it smells amazing). It is a 5 gallon batch. (You can see it bubbling at ) As I ponder the the next steps, I have a couple of questions that I would...