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    there's a cockroach in my blow-off water... that sounds funny.

    So I brewed an IPA two weekends ago and setup a blow-off tube in a bucket of water/starsan. The first week, I was keeping a pretty close eye on everything that was going on. But after things settled down a bit, I stopped paying much attention to it. When I peeked in yesterday, there was a...
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    Can I use a single infusion mash for this recipe?

    Honey Porter 7# American Vienna 1# Crystal 90 1# Black Patent 1# Chocolate 3# Clover honey (60 min. boil) 1/2 oz. Chinook (60 min.) 1/2 oz. Chinook (5 min.) My concern is the Vienna. Any thoughts on a single infusion on this one? This would be my third AG, so I'm still new to it all. Thanks...
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    First All-Grain... Questions about the hot break.

    Hey everyone! My first all-grain was a success! So far. We'll have to actually drink the stuff to find out how good it is. The fermentation was extremely active but I was wondering about the chunky stuff. I've never seen chunks like this in any extract batches. The chunks were only...
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    amount of water needed - does this sound right?

    i'll be doing my first AG this sunday and i've got a question about the amount of water needed for mashing and batch sparging. i've heard everything from "mash water=1.5qt/lb, sparge=.5gal./lb." to "use enough sparge water to bring it up to your boil volume". i keep getting conflicting...
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    Almost ready for AG!

    i've never posted on here before, so... hello!! i've done about 6 extract batches and i think i'm ready for all-grain. stayed up late last night measuring, sawing, drilling, the whole deal. any suggestions? i don't think my cpvc manifold is exactly to palmer's standards but that's part of...