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    Too Much Yeast

    I used Nottingham and White Labs American Ale yeast in the same 5 gallon batch. (Just experimenting) Now I have an unbelievable amount of yeast settlement. I could only siphon about 3 gallons out of the primary to the secondary because there was literally 4.5 inches of yeast in the bottom of...
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    Yeast starter pan?

    I am about to make my first yeast starter but I don't have a small stainless steel pot for boiling. Can I use the black teflon pots?
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    Wort Chilling

    I've just invested in a small coil wort chiller. After getting it out of the box I realized something. I'm only boiling 2 or 3 gallons at a time. Why can't I add the other 2 or 3 gallons of water to bring the wort temp. down? Have I been doing it wrong all this time?
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    elusive wyeast strain

    Has anyone ever heard of or used wyeast labs #2107 ? Apparently its good for someone making an oktoberfest style ale. If anyone know how or where to get it I'd appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Forgive me for wanting to make an oktoberfest style ale but I have limited means.
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    Rice Syrup Solids

    I'd like to make a lighter bodied beer and I understand rice syrup solids are the thing to use. For a 5 gallon batch how much should one add and at what point in the process? Thanks
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    Crystal malt question

    I'm gonna ask a really stupid question now. Ready? Does crystal malt need to be crushed like all other grains? I assume it does.
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    White Labs is horrible!!!... maybe.

    Maybe I'm being impatient. This is the second time I've tried using White Labs yeast. The first time absolutely nothing happened and the beer just soured- had to throw it out. Last night I made an American Hefeweizen and used White Labs American Hefeweizen liquid yeast. It has been about 12...
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    Second Batch Terrible!!!

    My first batch was a Brewers Best American Light Ale and turned out great. I kinda "winged" my second batch which might have been a mistake. I just cracked it open and it tasted very sour and just... nasty. The biggest difference was I used liquid yeast for the 2nd batch. Has anyone ever...
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    Clean Plastic Fermentor with Soap?

    I've just bottled my first batch ever. I used a Brewers Best Kit and I'm wondering if it will hurt to wash my plastic fermentor and bottling bucket with soap and water. I assume it won't hurt to wash my glass carboy with soap and water. There is a brown film in these fermentors and I just...
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    What is cold crashing?

    Can't seem to find an actual definition of this term. What is cold crashing? How is it done and what is its purpose? Thanks
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    Greenhorn question

    My first batch ever has been in secondary for almost 10 days and is still bubbling. I am seeing a single bubble about every 15 seconds. Leave it until it stops bubbling or go ahead and bottle? The bubbles were smelling like beer. Now they smell like feet... just FYI
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    Something isn't "clear"

    I have read about several different ways to make my beer clearer. Just wondering if anyone on this forum has a favorite practice.
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    Normal Smell?

    I started secondary fermentation this evening and when I opened the primary container a strong smell of sour apples flew out. Is this a normal smell?
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    Mix it up?

    Hello all, I'm about 5 days into primary fermentation on my first batch ever. I haven't seen any bubbles in the air lock since the end of day one and I was just curious if maybe I should stir up the brew in case the yeast has settled... or is this a bad idea? Thanks, Nick
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    Bubbling started!!! ... then stopped

    Hello all, I am very, very, very new to homebrewing. I bought a homebrew "kit" and an "American Light" recipe. I followed the guidelines pretty close but didn't have a thermometer to know the exact temperature of the cooled wort or water to hydrate my yeast. I saw bubbling from my...