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  1. ElRaton

    Music Match

    Dancing the Devil Away - Vaughn De Leath
  2. ElRaton

    can I get a tastebud transplant?

    If you were a woman I'd say hormones. They screw everything up!
  3. ElRaton

    Never Ending Word Thread

  4. ElRaton

    My UK Tour of Real Ales

    You are my hero. I bring back beer in my suitcase every time I travel. I've never tried that quantity. I learned to enjoy pubs and beer with my dad when I was still in college. When in the UK we would wait for my mom to go to bed (she is a tea-totaller) then sneak off to the local. I would love...
  5. ElRaton

    How Many Days in a Row...

    I thought we were supposed to drink one a day. Wasn't that the latest from the FDA food pyramid? Is it 5 o'clock yet?
  6. ElRaton

    Darned women!!

    It's the stuff straight from the tap, chlorine and all. As far as I'm concerned, you are right!
  7. ElRaton

    Darned women!!

    I'm definitely the beer snob in the relationship. We went to the local micro last night, I had a to die for imperial stout, he had water. What can I say? When I get to brewing, more for me!