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    wtf indiana

    Stupid grocery laws. You can sell beer with a grocery license but it has to be warm. You can only sell beer cold with a liquor license. At least you are stuck here temporarily, I've been stuck here for 10 years. Where you stuck at?
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    Raspberry Pi 'Beer on Tap' Display

    I started design work on something similar. Just have to get around to finishing my brewery controller first, then will take my extra pi and start work on that.
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    Spike Brewing

    So I talked to Ben at Spike Brewing and asked for a custom job. I was looking for a 15 gallon bottom drain kettle with port for sight gauge to upgrade my mash tun. Ben got back to me with a quote very fast and even helped me draw up some designs. His price was very good with the false bottom...
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    Do you make beer for you, or for others?

    I brew at this point mainly for others. I myself enjoy making beer more then anything. Don't get me wrong, I love my beer and try to make things that myself and others will enjoy. I'm starting the process of opening up a nano so I give away a lot of my home brew. Get it out there and get people...
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    10 gallon batch fermenting apparatus

    I used to use kegs as a fermenter. I thought they weren't too bad to clean. I soaked, I used high pressure. One day I decided I wanted to turn one of my kegs into a HLT and had a hole cut in the top. I was grossed out by the look of the inside. The bottom was clean, which is about the only part...
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    Custom bottle caps I just received an order from them. They are low cost and look AMAZING!
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    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    Oh I am so in!
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    City/Apartment dwellers...where do you brew?

    I built a 2 vessel electric brewery in my apartment. Works great.
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    10 gallon batch fermenting apparatus

    I use them and they are great. Easy to clean, easy to carry. Perfect fermenters.
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    Raspberry Pi made easy? Complete tutorial in layman's terms needed!

    You can get a Prototyping Pi plate from MCM Electronics. I've ordered almost everything from there. Their prices are amazing and ship faster then almost any place I've ordered online.
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    RIMS tube kit

    I'll throw my money at you over anyone Bobby. Especially when sacks are involved! :ban:
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    RIMS tube kit

    That would require piecing. I'm too lazy and slightly gassy for that today.
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    RIMS tube kit

    I know I can't wait until you are back up and running. Decided to upgrade to RIMS system and just waiting on your store to open so I can throw some money at ya. :-P
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    Brewery names--what's your story?

    Black Cloud Brewing Co. My boss gave me the nick name Black Cloud because there seems to be a black cloud that follows me around everywhere. If it can go wrong, it will. Always. So I decided to embrace it.
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    Awesome real names (Not funny ones)

    My first job I worked at a garden center at a walmart. Sold a lawn mower to a lady named Dixie Cox. I made her repeat it a few times when she told me her name to make sure I was hearing it right.
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    Standalone, Plug and Play Raspberry Pi Headless Brewstand Controller-Server

    I wasn't under the impression that working was a requirement of this endeavor.
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    Standalone, Plug and Play Raspberry Pi Headless Brewstand Controller-Server

    I've been a little caught up at work the last week. I should have everything all finished by this weekend, considering I'm hoping to brew this weekend.
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    Standalone, Plug and Play Raspberry Pi Headless Brewstand Controller-Server

    So a little bit of progress as to where I'm at with this with a little help from helibrewer. I'm currently working on cleaning up the code to make it a little more friendly on the eyes before I post it here. I decided to go with the one wire interface directly with the Pi. If you use the...
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    Deep Wood Brew - Grand Opening Giveaway!