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    Low Alcohol Content?

    This is the style: Belgium Wit - A traditional Belgian coriander and orange peel spiced wheat beer. As far as the exact recipe goes, I don't have it with me, I hope this info may help a little. My OG was 1.050, FG was 1.012. I think I did the math correctly, but I'm really not sure. You guys...
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    Low Alcohol Content?

    Just bottled my first batch, but when I took another gravity reading, it was not at all what I was expecting. After doing the math, I came up with a 3.8% ABV. I know the priming sugar creates carbonation, but does it also give the beer more alcohol content?
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    AB Shock Top (warning?)

    I've had the shock top. It sucked. But I have not seen the stout. Anyone know what it is called so I can avoid it?
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    Bottling bucket questions

    I think it is an autosiphon.Would it have a little release button thingy at the end that opens a valve? But thanks for the peice of mind, I've been dreading exposing it to air, but I feel better about it all ready.
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    Bottling bucket questions

    So I brewed my first batch about 9 days ago. I'm thinking through in my head how I want to transfer the beer into the bottling bucket. I'm going to siphon it, but my real question is how concerned should I be about exposing the brew to air? Will I still be all right if the brew is exposed to air...