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    Old 60 Amp Fuse Box question

    Would it even be possible to try to brew with electric? even the grainfather seems to require a dedicated 20 amp fuse.
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    Brew in a bag question

    Thanks guys, I just got a blonde ale kit in and going o be trying this over the weekend
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    Brew in a bag question

    Could I use a standard all grain kit with this method?
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    14671 +5 Cherry Stout +5 Lemon Wheat =14681
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    Which Love Controller?

    thats the one i was looking at, thanks
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    Which Love Controller?

    Im going to be building a fermentation chamber and all i need right now is a love controller, not that smart with volts and what not but im figure for a 115 volt fridge i need to match it with a 115vac lover controller, please let me know so i can get what i need and not waste money...thanks
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    Tron's Pretzel Things

    just made these, they taste great...
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    Frigidaire Model FRC445GB Mini-Fridge Kegerator Conversion

    just a question, even though you removed the freezer tray it still going to freeze a bit correct? and if so would it freeze your beer lines
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    Frementation Chamber \ Keezer

    i like the idea. I would like to see it done with a bigger freezer to see how many carboys/pails you could get in there...
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    1st brew tastes watered down

    its carbed, might not be enough. Im going to try one tomorrow which will be 3 weeks in bottles and report back
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    1st brew tastes watered down

    SG 1.057...calls for 1.055 FG 1.012...calls for the same Ferment Temp 65-70 Yeast was Windsor Ale Dry Recipe was AHS Pumpkin Ale Extract Kit
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    1st brew tastes watered down

    its the AHB pumpkin kit. I boiled pumpkin in a differant pot then the wort in some water, when it was done i put both the pumpkin and wort into the fermentor and continued to top off with regular water. It sat in the fermentor for about 5 weeks and have been sitting in bottles for 2. Can anyone...
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    Craigslist Find for anyone near pittsburgh

    Beer brewing equipment for sale: (2) 6 gallon glass carboys (1) 5 gallon Pepsi keg w/ fittings and tubing (1) 5 lb CO2 tank (1) double gauge CO2 regulator (1) copper wort chiller w/ faucet attachement and tubing (1) large funnel w/ strainer (1) Oxynater (oxygen dispensing system) (1)...
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    Ancient yeast reborn in modern beer

    Pretty Neat article Ancient yeast reborn in modern beer (ABC News in Science)
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    Dusty Bottles?

    Should I just rinse them out or use a bottle brush on them?
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    Gravity Way Off

    thanks for all the help, im just gunna run with it and see what started to ferment in under 12 hours and looks like its going pretty good...
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    Gravity Way Off

    I just got done brewing AHS Pumpkin Ale, i did everything the instructions said and i got a gravity reading of 1.020 and it calls for 1.055... any support would be really helpful... and it looks like everything settled to the bottom already
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    Question? (What kind of water does everyone use?)

    i only ask cause my first brew day is thursday and around here with have stuff floating in the water...thanks for all the help
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    Question? (What kind of water does everyone use?)

    so spring water will be okay?
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    Question? (What kind of water does everyone use?)

    What kind of water does everyone use?