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    Dry Hopping

    Hey all, Looking to dry hop for the first time. I've stuck to canned kits with added malt, extracts, coffee beans etc... But I have zero knowledge of hops! I currently have a Coopers Real Ale fermenting at 19°C and plan to dry hop with an unknown hop for 3-5 days. Flavour isn't the biggest...
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    Yeast pitching temp off - tips/advice?

    Hey all, 13 brews in, Coopers and other kits are what I'm doing still. This particular brew I did something different by accident, being distracted and any other excuse I can try to lay out there. Pitched Coopers Ale yeast at 17° Celsius and placed into my temp controlled freezer that I...
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    Did I batch prime enough?

    Hey all, 11 brews under my belt, which is expanding my belt... Anyways, I batch primed for the first time on October 24th. 3oz dextrose for 17.5L. I've been enjoying my stout about one a week and finally noticing OK carbonation after 3 weeks. The bottles have been resting at 66-68°F Hoping...
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    Would like to attempt a lager

    Hey all. I've competed my fermentation chamber. I have clearly never made a lager before. I would like to pick up some Yeast from the LHBS and ferment a lager! My question is this: What yeast would be suitable for an average North American lager, or even a Coopers lager kit. I plan to...
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    220v STC-1000 Help

    Hey all, I've received the wrong product in the mail. Ordered a 110v STC1000, received a 220v. He refunded me 100% and said keep it. So, if i plan on continuing with a temp control box and wire up a Box with a socket, using a Step up transformer from 110v to 220v into the STC-1000 to power...
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    Anyone use Pre-mix Iced Tea?

    Hey there. This post is a little out there... I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has used a premixed Iced Tea powder in there beer? I would like to try and experiment with maybe a 100% natural iced tea mix. The experiment would be 1 can Coopers Canadian Blonde, supplied ale yeast, and the...
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    Hey all. Still pretty green at brewing. I bottle primed a batch of cerveza. It's been about 13 days and I've enjoyed quite a few brews from this batch. I always check my bottles before I take them from their fermenting area to the fridge. All my small bottles 355ml don't have this...
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    Coopers Cerveza

    Hey all... 11 brews in. All pre-hopped canned kits. Wife is asking for some Cerveza she can enjoy with some lime. Ive had a few corona, sol, dos Equis, and they don't really do it for me, but the boss is the main priority on this one. Anyone have some tips to make a drinkable coopers...
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    I'm infected What do I do?!

    Hey all. 10 brews in. I left this one in the fermentor 3 weeks. After 2 weeks, no problem. Third week... This crap formed. Temp has always been at 64° Do I bottle tonight? Or dump? I can take a hydrometer reading. It's been steady at 1.011 for last 2 weeks. Should I take a reading...
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    Black Rock - Nut Brown Ale

    Hey all, Hoping someone on here has brewed this before. I'm 10 brews in, all have been coopers can brews. They've turned out rather good, first couple were dry and fruity. I've since fixed those issues with dropping most/all dextrose, replaced with malt and temperature control. This can of...
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    Coopers IPA cloudy

    Hey all. 8 brews in. 21 days in primary. Coopers IPA 1000g DME 300g Dextrose OG 1.052 Topped up to 20L On day 21 here, I took a sample for a reading of 1.010. My fermenter, soon to be bottling bucket, has a spigot that I installed on the bottle, a good 2" from where the trub sits. I took...
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    Coopers IPA suggestions

    Hey all, I don't think I've ever had an IPA, maybe an Alexander Keith's many years ago, but mostly enjoy all types of beer. I'm going with as follows 1 can coopers IPA 1 yeast packet provided 1KG LDME Top up to 21L Ferment at 19°C Bottle after hydrometer readings. Should I do 1.5KG LDME...
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    Never made wine before

    Hey all, I have brewed about 8 batches of beer, but recently picked up 72 wine bottles for $2.75. I figured it was such a deal, I better make myself and the mrs some delicious wine. I want to grab two more 6gal fermenting buckets, air locks etc. My plan was to buy a local wine kit in the...
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    Am I screwed?

    Brewing a 22L batch of Coopers Stout OG 1.044 Rehydrated dry packet 7g coopers yeast in 21°C water for 45m Pitched it into a hot Wort of about 25°C No signs of anything happening after 24hours... Did I kill most of the yeast when temperature shocking it? Can I maybe pitch 14g of dry coopers...
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    Blow off tube

    Hey all, I'm hoping my Coopers Stout with an OG 1.044 doesn't go tooooo crazy at 20°C. I just pitched the yeast 30min ago, and i have to make sure this is going to benefit me. Also, the batch is 22L, my fermenter has a slight lean.
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    Coopers Stout

    Hey all, Thinking of brewing this tomorrow after work: 1can Coopers Stout 1 box Coopers Brew Enhancer #2(dextrose, Ldme, maltodextrin) wish I had the weight of the brew enhancer #2 500g Light Gold DME And yeast that comes with the Kit Top up to 22L I'm 7 brews in, and this is my first stout...
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    Hydrometer reading help

    Hey all. I'll start with the recipe: 1can of coopers Canadian blonde 1000g light gold DME 300g Dextrose 1 pack yeast that came with coopers Fermented at 20°C 12 days so far. Topped up to 21L OG - 1.042 2 weeks later 1.006 Will wait 3 days and take another reading. Someone told me my FG would...
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    Coopers Canadian Blonde

    I have completed the batch as follows. 1 can Coopers Canadian Blonde 1000g gold light DME 500g of dextrose Pitched yeast at 21°c 21L total. First reading was 1.042 My question is this. I wait for my fermentation to complete, 2-3 weeks, based on 2 days of the same hydrometer testing. Once...
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    Coopers Canadian Blonde

    1 can Coopers Blonde 500g dextrose 500g Gold Light DME I'll brew a 22L batch. Pitching as close to 20-23°C as I can Fermentation will be 20° for 3 weeks, then bottled for 2weeks. I'm only 5 brews in and feel this will be suffice for a light, easy drinking beer. What if I brewed with 1000g...
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    Help - Coopers Irish stout

    Hey everyone. I'm 5 brews in but of course all brews have been of a different flavor so there's no stout experience yet. I brew strictly coopers extract for now but haven't tried the stout. I am a big guiness lover, but don't love the guiness price. I'm trying to find a way to brew a close...