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    Brooklyn Brew Shop and BIAB

    Howdy all, I've been doing the Brooklyn Brew Shop 1 gallon all grain kits without any problems. I'd like to experiment with BIAB and since I have a BBS kit here, I'd like to try it with that. My question is this, how much water should I start with? The kit has right at 2.4 pounds of grain...
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    All grain help: Where did I go wrong??

    Howdy all, I've been experimenting with small all grain batches BIAB. Using Beersmith, I scaled a recipe and tried to make it today. Unfortunately, the pre-boil gravity was much lower than the recipe said it should be. I'm wondering, where did I go wrong? The recipe is below: Batch size...
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    Northern Brewer German Blonde Ale advice

    Hi everyone, Tonight I opened a bottle of the Northern Brewer German Blonde Ale that I brewed. Unfortunately, it was less than ideal. There was no head on pour and it was over-carbonated and felt a tad watery. The watery part was surprising, on bottling day I sampled a bit and it had a nice...
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    kegging natural carb

    Hi all. I'm interested in using something like this instead of bottling: I generally make batches between 1 and 3 gallons. My question is, if I had less than 2.5 gallons, lets say 1 gallon, how do I calculate how much...