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    Missing my Mash temp by 6 degrees

    How many LBS of Malt is going into your all-grain mash? Depending on the volume of malt, you may need add more water to the mash to hit your temps i.e. on a Stout I recently had 9# of Malt and started with 3.5 gallons at 130degF. I then added 1.25 gallon of water at 200 degF. I hit 150...
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    Brewing statistics

    Ben, In my last batch of home brew I used about 13-14# of Malt and 4oz of Hops (Plug style). 2-1/2 gallons of mash water and 1-1/2 gallons added to the mash. 3-1/4 gallons of sparge water. Hope this helps Regards, JC