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    just bought mr. beer

    hello all. so mr. beer arrived at my house yesterday and i made a batch and now it is fermenting or whatever. i really like how the keg looks. it is brown and shaped like a barrel. its really cool lookin' my question is, is "mr. beer" a good product? i know absolutely nothing about brewing.
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    just bought mr. beer

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    new years brew

    i know its a little too early for this but one thing that brewing does is that it causes 'us' to think ahead of time. and i think that is a good thing. that is one of the positive things about this hobby. so what do you have planned for new years? i am sure you are going to allow for...
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    any good brewing books out there?

    any good brewing books out there? i need something to read while i do a number two
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    how to reuse 12 oz. commercial bottles

    so i have these 12 oz. guinness beer bottles that would be absolutely perfect for storing beer. but the problem is that the tops have to be open with a can opener and therefore are therefore "disposable" because the tops can't be put back in place. im sure there is a way to recan these...
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    is it possible to recarbonate flat beer?

    say you cracked open a budweiser and left it sitting on the counter for days until the carbonation died out... can you bring the now flat budweiser back to life by re-carbonating it?
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    wine making vs. beer brewing

    which takes longer... making wine or brewing beer?
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    now does the siphoning process happen in a matter of second/minutes or does it happen in a span of days/weeks? i ask this because siphoning dirty water out of a fish tank happens in a matter of seconds but yet in a chemistry lab, siphoning chemicals can take a weeks... and what is the whole...
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    Why are most fermenting carboys clear?

    why are most fermenting carboys clear? i mean my mr. beer came with a fermenter that was dark brown. i thought that when one ferments, the fermenter/carboy/keg is supposed to be kept out of sunlight. if that is the case then why are most carboys on the market glass clear?
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    food chain

    yeah i just got into the brewing hobby... via mr. beer. but for some reason i don't feel like a "true brew" er. i mean, i open up pre-measured containers one by one, mix everything in and bam... i have beer. that makes me feel that a "real" brewer makes all of the ingredients from scratch...
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    are you an alcoholic?

    are you an alcoholic? i am kind of scared of getting deeper into this so called addicting hobby cause i might be drinking all the time... convince me to stay otherwise... are you an alcoholic
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    do you still buy beer?

    just wondering if you still buy beer. im new to this brewing stuff and the thing that appeals to me about home brewing is that it would save a lot of money. i hope i never buy beer again but hard liquor is a dfferent story. yes. im cheap.