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    newbie question. help me out.

    i was at my LHBS todfay and noticed that they have extract in the 3.75 Lb can and some in a 6 Lb-er. if i were to get the 6er, would i have to add as much kicker as i did to the 3.75? what would you add? (light color pilsner)
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    is dry extract ordered online any good?

    if it is, does it come hopped? and how much beer can you make with 3 Lbs of it?
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    what would happen if i threw some yeast in a bottle of juice?

    anyone ever try just pitching yeast into some juice or maybe even pepsi?
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    why has my wort stopped producing CO2 after 3rd day?

    this is my first batch. its from extract. i did everything i was supposed to do except i let the wort drop below 60 degrees. ive heated it back up and saw some more bubbling, but now its started to really slow down again. it only starts bubbling now if i swirl it around a bit. please help.