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    No Airlock Activity . . . Until I shook it up!!

    I brewed a batch of Saison and pitched a 1.6 L starter of Wyeast French Saison (3711). I heard this yeast would take off, but I got nothing (visible) for the first 24 hours, so I moved the wort up from the cool basement and into room temp (72/73) for another 24 hours. Still nothing. When I...
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    Hitachino Nest White ale recipe?

    Sorry, found the recipe database. Just joined forum today. cb
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    Hitachino Nest White ale recipe?

    right now living in NYC so only doing extract/partial brewing in my kitchen. Where are these recipes??
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    Hitachino Nest White ale recipe?

    Found this beer in a japanese market by my house and I'm addicted. I want to try to develop a recipe for it. It will be my first attempt at cloning a beer myself. Any ideas? I went to their website and found this info: Malts: Pilsner, Wheat Hops: Perle, Strian Goldings Adjuncts...