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    Pitching a second yeast

    Well, I'm brewing a Golden Strong Ale and just realized, mid-boil, that the recipe calls for two Wyeast packs and I only have one. I did make a starter with it a few days ago but I'm thinking about swinging by the LHBS tomorrow and getting another pack and pitching it tomorrow night. It is a...
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    Golden Strong Ale

    So I picked up a partial mash kit for a golden strong ale. I plan on doing a starter yeast and I have a temperature controlled fermentation chamber. The guy at my LHBS said to start it at 65 degrees and increase the temperature by 1 degree a day until it hits about 70. He also said that this...
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    Wyeast Help!!

    So I thought I broke the little inner packet in the wyeast package but when it came time to pitch the yeast, it was still unbroken. I threw the yeast in but I'm not sure what to do next? Should I get more yeast or break the packet into the wort???
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    Amber Ale Hops question

    I'm brewing an amber ale and the directions say to add the Cascade hops after the heat has been turned off. How long does this stay in the wort and can I put it in the same hop bag as the bittering and flavoring hops.
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    First time brewer with some questions...

    So, after looking at the Mr. Beer kit online a realizing that I'd be better off getting a more complete kit, I took the plunge. The kit includes: 6.5 gal ferm. bucket 6.5 gal bottling bucket w/ spigot 3 piece air lock bottle capper 144 bottle caps hydrometer hydrometer testing jar...