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    Liquorice Hefe

    I am thinking about a recipe using Hefe yeast and liquorice tea. This is one of those ideas that once into my head I can't seem to shake but I can't tell if its a tasty beer or not. Basically I have some ingredients lying around and I want to use them, I had this idea and I wanted to see what...
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    Malty double

    I have been doing the over hopped IPA thing for a while now but last weekend I picked up Anderson Valley Brother Davids Double. Wow I loved it and and so did SWMBO. So I am thinking of something low on hops and very malty. Anyone have a good double recipe for the extract brewer? I have some...
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    The true danger of beer
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    Havesting hops

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    Havesting hops

    I have a Chinook growing in my yard and the hops are looking pretty... "full". (What is a ripe hop called? Ripe I guess.) So now what do I do? Do I need to dry them? Should I freeze them first? How can I tell if its ready to pick? And yes I need to ask how many people have tried smoking them?
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    Crappy Sunday

    I woke up Sun morn to a sound in the living room. It was about 6:45 and I didn't want the 7 year old to be awake yet so I came out. I saw Simba (damn old cat) who was in and I knew he was out last night so I looked into the office and the door was wide open (but it was still locked). In the...