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    Faucets directly connected to kegs

    Anyone know where I can get attachments to connect my faucets directly to the liquid out connect or know what's needed to DIY this?
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    Ireland Next Week

    I'm sure it's been asked many times before... Im headed to Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Cong next week and plan to go to Bull and Castle, Porterhouse, Guinness, and Jamison. Is there any other beer places I "need" to go to while there? Also, is there any must have bottles of Whisky...
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    cutting rhizomes

    It might be really easy and I might be overly worried about doing it, but I haven't been able to find anything illustrating or instructing on how to clip some rhizomes. What and where do I cut from the rootballs?
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    crazy idea?

    So after a few beers I've had an idea, which is always dangerous. Could Victory be used as a base malt to add a nice strong/solid nutty flavor to a nut brown or even as a SMaSH? Would it be too sweet or cloying or too overwhelmingly nutty?
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    Vintner's Harvest

    Anyone ever use this? I saw an Elderberry can at the brew shop and I'm curious if it's any good. I love me some Elderberry wine.
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    stopper stuck in Better Bottle

    I made a newb mistake (well, the SWMBO did =p). I just got a better bottle for the first time and ran to Lowe's to get a stopper that would fit in it since my glass carboy ones wouldn't. Well, the bung is now stuck in the neck. I hadn't even drilled a hole in it yet. How the hell do I get...
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    Cyser with WLP300?

    We make cider with Hefe yeast every couple of months and just pour 5 gallons of apple juice on the old yeast cake. If I made a cyser with 8-10lbs of honey and 4 gallons of apple juice could I pitch it on a hefe yeast cake and get a good tasting mead? Would the yeast tarnish the honey/apple...
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    Wanting to make a big belgium

    So, I'm thinking of making a big belgium and hoping you can help me out with a good recipie. Only wishes are a partial mash. I made a MLT out of an Igloo and can mash 7-9lbs of grain and I use DME not LME. Also I'm interested in using a liquid yeast (first time). Any ideas would be great...
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    West Coast beers for an East Coaster

    A friend of mine is going to Portland next week and said she'd bring me back some beer from the west coast. What are some good beers gotten on the west coast that can't be gotten on the east coast that I should request? I have 2 so far on my list... Alaskan Smoked Porter Pliny the Elder...
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    Bugs Eating Hops

    This morning I noticed some flies and bugs hanging around my baby hops and then I noticed they've chewed some holes in the leaves. Should I worry? And if so, is there a way to make the bugs go away?
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    Evan brew day

    So I vistited Evan's pad the other day to watch an all-grain , as I'm partial-mashing atm. From watching Yuri's videos I was expecting tons of equipment to be everywhere. But Evan uses the same basic pots and cooler/tun that I use for partial mashes, although on a larger scale! It even made me...
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    pressure treated wood

    So I'm thinking of making a couple 2.5x2.5x2.5 planter boxes to plant my 2 rhizomes in. Planting them in the ground is not an option unfortunately. So, my question is, would pressure treated wood be good or bad for the plants?
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    will this work as a conversion?

    I can get a really good deal on one of these if it's capable of being converted. Thoughts?
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    co2 tank recert

    Anyone know roughly how much it costs to recertify a 20lb co2 tank?
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    CO2 regulators

    So I'm trying to price and piece together a 4 tap keezer setup through a LHBS in the area and I emailed him asking for a price listing and in return I got a question that I dont know the answer to. If anyone would love to help me decipher this I would be very appreciatve since I dont quite know...
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    Oude Kriek

    First Lambic. Last Lambic. I took a smell of the glass. First thought that came to mind was 'garbage dump'. I took a sip and that was the worst thing I have ever tasted. I felt like I needed a plate of fries for that vinegar. So disgusting!
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    Sierra Nevada ESB

    Anyone try this? Found this on the shelf last night. I was excited to try it especially after the last seasonal of SN's I had--Celebration Ale. Pretty good stuff. I still have yet to be disappointed by SN.
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    where to purchase 3 gallon coolers?

    I'm looking to get a 3 gallon cooler to convert as I delve into partial mashing. 2 gallon seems sufficient for most brews but I don't want to be bottlenecked from brewing slightly larger beers. Target has 2 gallons. Walmart, in my brief searches since I feel dirty after 5 minutes inside...