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    Air contamination

    I started a batch of lager yesturday, during the night the fermentation flipped the top off the air lock exposing the inner tube I replaced this with another cap as soon as I noticed and it is bubbling nicely, would the air contaminate the brew and ruin it.
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    Has anyone any info on Oasis sterilising tablets, it says on the box that they can be used to sterilise equipment and bottles for home brew they cost less than £1 for a pack of 64 tablets and are used 1 tablet to 4lt of water.
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    Does it make any difference

    Do I need to use filtered water or can I use tap water?
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    Rehydrating Yeast

    Hi this is my third brew, in the past no sign of fermentation in the bubble lock, this time I rehydrated the yeast and it is bubbling away nicely. The past brews so far have tasted great and carbonated well, any advice would be thankfully accepted.
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    Bottled lager half great half not

    Hi can anyone help before I went on holiday two weeks ago I bottled my very first batch of lager, half of the bottles I left in the room I use for my brewing the rest I put in the fridge. When I returned from hols the bottles in the fridge were flat and not nice, tried putting a couple of...