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    Re-pitch to prime?

    I actually didn't take the OG/FG. Thanks for the reassurances about the yeast, went ahead and bottled it now. Can't wait to try.
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    Re-pitch to prime?

    Hi brewers, I've had a batch of IPA (extract) conditioning in secondary for 5 weeks. Originally I planned for 3 like many recommend here but I didn't get my hands on enough bottles til now. I'm worried that the yeast will be all dead or too much out of suspension for when I bottle it...
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    Honey water content

    Greetings, I am planning to brew my first mead in the next week or so. I found a beekeeper who is willing to sell me honey. However, they are recommending I buy a cheaper version than what they normally sell since it is for mead. He has told me that it is higher water content mixed honey...