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  1. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Cold Conditioning?

    So im sure its covered somwhere in here, but when you cold condition such as with a lager (im doing a Kolsh) do you do that in a fermenter or is that like a form of bottle conditioning. I have been out of beer brewing for over a year and i am planning my return by getting the equipment to go all...
  2. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    MFL Threads And Regulators

    So I got the big paycheck for working over fifty hours for two consecutive weeks. KEEZER TIME:ban: So as i am about to place orders i figured why not run a few questions by the board. 1. What is better in your guys oppinions; Barbed fittings or MFL fittings? I was thinking about the...
  3. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Can i use a helium tank as a CO2 Tank?

    Just as the title says. I have come up with an oportunty to get a helium tank for $80. This thing is huge. Its used at a buddy of mines resturant and they will no longer be using it. What do you think? THis would be awsome i am building my keezer and was going to get a 20# CO2 but this is much...
  4. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    What to look for in a Chest Freezer

    Ok somthing like $100 for a 18 Cubic foot Freezer. Ok so i dont know about the demensions but thats what they have posted in the classifieds. I'm checking this thing out tomorow and i know about as much about freezers as i do about surgery. Is there anything i should look for? I mean i know it...
  5. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Good Beer

    Well For awhile i had been on here everyday and now that school is officially owning me with all of its work i am lucky to check the threads every two days. Anyways for all of my patient friends out there i finally am getting to drink a couple of my batches and they are great! I was always...
  6. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    How long for your Hefeweizen?

    I have searched this forum and i have not yet found a solid answer so I wanted to get a consensus. I am brewing a hefeweizen right now and am thinking i am going to go with the 1-2-3 rule. What do you guys think?
  7. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    How Common is a broken [miscalibrated] Hydrometer

    Yeah i just posted a thread the other day about a very low Og when using extract that to my knowledge couldnt be correct. So we came to the conclusion that it must be to high of a temperature when taking the reading. So im transfering my brew from the primary to the secondary and i figure i can...
  8. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    I know I know Low OG

    Ok so here it is I hate posting this because I have now been around long enough to try and search for the answer first. Well almost everyday i read about some ones low OG and its always well you probably didn't mix it well enough and got an incorrect reading. However I did a foil boil of about 6...
  9. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Oktoberfest in Helen GA

    So Im close to Helen Ga. well close enough. THere visitors ceenters claims the entire month as Oktoberfest. Does anyone know of the best time to go? Or is it really the best in the South East as i have herd? Just looking for suggestions as it is a bit of a drive to my homeland of cincinnati...
  10. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Steeping and Sparging qustions

    This is going to be my second brew and the steeping of specialty grains sounds good to me and fairly easy. However this leads to a few questions that i am sure most of you all have more than an abundance of knowledge about. 1. I have read several threads about specialty grains and it is a...
  11. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Adding body to a basic Ale Brew

    SO my first brew i wanted to follow the KISS method and in that sense i think i was accomplished. I made a beer that actually tasted like beer and most of my friends enjoyed it saying how it was like somthing from the store. Unfortunatly i think they were stroking the ego because the beer i...
  12. Pi Kapp Beer Guy

    Suggestions on my First Batch

    Ok so i did a lot of research on the topic of beer brewing and quite frankly i spent more time researching it than i have my five years of college combined. Anyway i have bottled my first batch and after a week and a half time i am currently drinking it. Now to my friends i am damn near god like...