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  1. talkingmonkey

    Merchant du Vin Beer Chart

    General info.-The Sam Smith gift pack is awesome! It not only comes with 3 great beers and a nice Imperial Pint glass, but it also has a beer chart with IBU's, etc. of every beer they import. Very cool.:mug:
  2. talkingmonkey

    Adding yeast to flat bottles-Need advice

    I've got an IIPA that's still flat after 6 weeks, so I want to add a wine yeast to get some bubbles. Here's what I'm thinking... Hydrate yeast in 1 pint of boiled water, divide equally between bottles, recap and shake. SG-1.09-FG-1.023 Questions- -Do I still have enough fermentables...
  3. talkingmonkey

    Infection Risk???

    Feeling a little experimental. Anybody ever tried this? Wheat beer fermenting in watermelons and honeydew.
  4. talkingmonkey

    Bell's Sediment?

    Does anybody have a secret to pouring a Bell's w/out getting all the gunk in the glass. I poured one until I saw sediment and stopped. I still had 1/3 of the bottle left. Right now, I'm just drinking it all!:confused:
  5. talkingmonkey

    Glass carboys rock...until you drop one!

    $80+ in ingredients, 6 hours spent preparing and brewing, 1 year in planning, 1/2 second spent watching that effing glass carboy slip from my fingers and collapse into nothing as it hits the concrete!!!:(:(:( I am moving on to Betterbottles ASAP! I decided to quit brewing all together...for...
  6. talkingmonkey

    Lost in Fermentation

    I can't ever seem to get a full fermentation. My current brew is a double IPA w/ 6.5# DME and 4# LME. I did a 24hr starter, brewed w/ 6G spring water, used WL East Coast yeast, and did a 1/2 lb. brown sugar addition at 3 days, (thanks Lagunitas!) It has been 12 days and I am only at 1.04, (No...
  7. talkingmonkey

    Common Sense Advice : Never, ever use a varnished stirrer!

    I'm about to dump a batch that I worked on for 3-4 months, and thought would be my masterpiece. I finally got a second opinion on what I already knew. I made a varnish flavored dubbelbock. Polyurethanator??? This all happened because of one stupid, small decision when cooking. I had a buddy...
  8. talkingmonkey

    SG finished dropping, is it low enough?

    I made a big beer w/ OG of 1.0945, didn't use a starter, pitched White Labs Trappist WP500, 3 day lag time, went crazy,a lot out the blow off tube, fermented a little warm, (around 74). SG is now at 1.031(3 days). Should I roll with it and bottle or repitch, maybe champagne yeast? I'm fine w/...
  9. talkingmonkey

    Lager temp. question

    I bought a fridge for lagering, ($77 on ebay:rockin:), and the warmest setting ranges in temp. from 42-early AM, to 48-late afternoon. My question is, does the 5-10 degree adjustment for ale fermentation work for lagers too. I have seen yeasts that work at 45 and 46 degrees. If my lowest...
  10. talkingmonkey

    What am I making?

    I started out trying to make a doppelbock, but I don't have the capability to lager. So I researched yeasts, decided to use Wyeast Scottish, LHBS carries White Labs, they pushed me into a trappist yeast, (didn't have Scottish). OG is going to be higher than 1.07, but I don't have time to make...
  11. talkingmonkey

    H2H-Me vs. Sam

    I'm a huge Sam Adams fan, so for my second batch I tried to make a Sam Summer clone. I had my first blind taste test tonight and...Holy crap!!! Mine was better!:rockin: My color was a little darker, but other than that the beers were very similar. This blows my mind! I will make many, many...
  12. talkingmonkey

    When is a blow-off tube mandantory?

    I'm planning a big, 12-13 lbs. of extract, doppelbock for this weekend. I'm using an ale yeast, hence the name "Dubockale". I have brewed 2 batches so far, using only an airlock, with no issues, (6-8 lbs malt ex., ale yeast, 5g brew, 6.5g carboy). Is this beer going to blast through my...
  13. talkingmonkey

    Is 74 degrees too hot?

    I have a wheat ale fermenting in a glass carboy. I just checked the temp and it is 74F. Is this too hot and what problems could it cause?
  14. talkingmonkey

    Any signs of carbonation?

    I bottled my Bock exactly 1 week ago. It fermented really quickly because I pitched the yeast when the wort was over 80 degrees. I primed with honey. What are the odds of me having bubbles now? I'm dying to try it. Is there any way to tell by looking at the bottle? There's a good bit of...
  15. talkingmonkey

    Orange Blob Bad???

    This is my second brew and I am hooked. I know I'm not supposed to worry, but it's hard. I attempted to make a wheat ale similar to Sam Summer. I used fresh lemon zest at the end for 10 minutes after turning of the heat. I immediately put the wort in an ice bath for 15-20 minutes, (I pitched...