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  1. JerseyBrewer

    Bottling in stainless water bottles?

    I freely admit to being one of those guys that likes to sit my fat ass on the beach and guzzle a few refreshing corporate swills. Before the lynch mob starts gathering pitchforks, I'd much rather consume my own flavorful homebrew. But pulling that bottle out of the cooler and pouring a cold...
  2. JerseyBrewer

    Starter SS pot & burner find

    I'm not selling... but, came across this while looking for 30 gal stainless pots for an upgrade to my system.. Seemed like a good enough deal to pass on to a new brewers contemplating moving up to their first full boil: 32 quart...
  3. JerseyBrewer

    Strategies - too much wort for kettle

    I have a 15 gal mash tun and a 20 gal boil kettle. I'm working on a recipe that has a 20.25 gals pre-boil measurement. Even if it was @20 on the dot, it'd be a problem, since I need some space to boil (without boiling over). So what strategies do you suggest to tackle this. Here's what i...
  4. JerseyBrewer

    Shipping Beer/Wine to be "legalized"

    Did anyone notice this in BeerStreetJournal? Folks can put away the "Yeast Samples" stamp.
  5. JerseyBrewer

    Help! CO2 blasting out of saftey valve

    I've had a 4 tap kegerator setup for 2+ years and have never had this problem before (always a first). I recently ran out of gas a couple days ago and swapped the 20 gal tank with a new one. When I hooked it up to the regulator I can't seem to get the pressure to equalize to the 10/11 lbs I...
  6. JerseyBrewer

    Mash efficiency and aged Malts

    So I'm an all grain brewer - I've been brewing on the same system essentially the same way for 3 years (probably close ~20 batches) and have dialed in my efficiency pretty well. Although, I've never been too happy with the efficiency of the system (~61%), I compensate with more grain and it's...
  7. JerseyBrewer

    Temp probe failed - frozen beer cellar

    Help! Last night I came home and went to tap into one of the Jolly Pumpkin sour beers that I have stored in my chest freezer/kegerator and discovered that all of my bottles (mixture of 22oz home brews and purchased "specialty" beers) had frozen! The temp controller on the wall was reading 99...
  8. JerseyBrewer

    All Horizon APA

    Folks, I'm brewing this weekend and realized that the only hops I have in the freezer is about 4 oz of Horizon. I've never used it before so I'm a bit nervous about going all-in but I've heard that they can be used for both bittering and aroma/flavor. Has anyone had good luck with an...
  9. JerseyBrewer

    Breweries in Williamsburg VA?

    I'm taking the fam on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg VA and I usually like to find a local brewery to tour on these trips. I see Ale Werks but was wondering if any locals could recommend where else to visit? Thanks in advance. -Steve
  10. JerseyBrewer

    How to prepare Flaked Barley

    I'm brewing a nice dry stout tomorrow morning and I'll be using flaked barley in the recipe. But I'm not sure how to prepare the barley. Should I run it through the mill like malt? Just throw it into the mash?
  11. JerseyBrewer

    FG for Bohemian Pilsner

    I've had a Bohemian Pilsner in the fermenter for about 12 days and I've only been able to get it down to a FG of 1.020 (OG: 1.065). It's close to the BCJP standard for the style (1.013 - 1.017) but not quite there. It's slightly sweet (to be expected) and has a real nice taste profile so I'm...