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    How much priming sugar do I need?

    I'm currently brewing 5 gallons of coopers lager, and the gravity has been the same for 3 days now, so I'm going to be kegging it in the next day or 2. How much priming sugar will I need roughly? And is priming sugar some sort of special sugar, or can I just use the same brewing sugar I used at...
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    1st brew - I'm an idiot.

    Today I started brewing. I used an extract kit, so nothing hardcore, but it was fun nevertheless. It's fermenting away as I type (hopefully). Anyway, during this process I discovered I'm an idiot. Having never used a hydrometer before, I assumed it worked similar to a thermometer. So i sat...
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    How necessary is an airlock?

    A starter kit I've just ordered doesn't seem to come with an airlock. I was just wondering how important an airlock is. As the kit doesn't come with one, I'm assuming a beer made without one would still be safe to drink, but would it affect the taste of it?
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    Keg or bottles?

    Hi, I am about to start my first ever brew. I will be brewing lager. I read somewhere that it's better to bottle lager after fermentation, rather than put it in a keg, but I have inherited a keg, and so it would be far cheaper for me to use that rather than buy bottles. Would it make that...