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  1. Z

    Rims for boil kettle?

    Dumb question - is it possible to use a RIMS tube for boiling wort? I'd like to go electric, but keep it as simple as possible. If I could eliminate all the heating hardware from the brew kettle, it'd save a few hundred $. My concern was not getting a vigorous boil in the kettle, but just in the...
  2. Z

    removable conical insert for flat bottom fermenters

    Has anyone tried a cone insert in their non-conical fermenters? If one were to fabricate a 60 degree cone to put inside the fermenter, would the yeast settle out in the cone, and let you dump the trub with the bottom valve to clear the beer and make an easy secondary? This could turn the Sankey...
  3. Z

    Z28tt's DIY Stainless Fermenter from Furnace

    My folks just had their natural gas furnace replaced. The old Lennox HM30 (hardly old, just 10 years!) had a 32 gallon stainless steel tank. Perfect for a DIY stainless fermenter! Naturally, I asked to keep it. Yesterday I picked it up, and stripped it down. There's good foam insulation...
  4. Z

    lager starter and old liquid yeast

    I decided to make a Yuengling clone this weekend, and picked up the ingredients at the LHBS. The Wyeast 2035 American Lager was from August, so they gave me two, free (and sold me a 2001 Pils Urquell as a backup). Going by NB's yeast starter instructions, they recommended 3/4 cup of DME in...