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    Meads with very high initial gravity - a question

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience fermenting a mead at very high initial around 1.2? A 50/50 mix of honey and water should give a specific gravity of about 1.22. Fermented down to 1.08 it would yield a port-like substance with an abv of about 19% and 200grams/litre...
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    Oaking Cysers?

    I have a cyser in primary right now which should end up at around 14.5 abv and I was considering racking onto medium french oak cubes in the secondary for a few months. Anyone done anything like this? Opions? Experiences? I was thinking of adding a bit of sugar at bottling to get a natural...
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    A few cyser questions from a noob

    My apple trees are covered in ripe apples and I was thinking of juicing up a bunch and getting out my beer making stuff to make a cyser...something I have never done before. I have a few questions. I have pipins and golden delicious apples. The goldens are great to eat and the pipins are...