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    barley wine needs repitching?

    Made a partial mash barley wine, OG 1.105, 120 IBU! (planned on letting it sit for a long time anyway) After 3 weeks primary on WL Edinburgh yeast, it seems kinda pooped out at 1.038. If I am going to repitch, do I rack first then repitch? Or just toss fresh yeast into the primary? Can I use...
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    Lager questions

    I've made a light american style lager recently, other than the gravity never going below 1.020, it worked out fine, ended up tasting perfect and carbonating perfectly. Bud-mil-pabst-ener in a brown bottle. I recently made a higher gravity lager, with LDME, a couple pounds of pilsner malt and a...
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    large bottles

    Where to get large bottles for homebrewing? 22 oz is too big for one glass, too small for 2 glasses. I have some 32 oz bottles someone gave me that are almost perfect, about 2 1/2 glasses per bottle. I'd like to get some larger like 40oz,or more 32 oz bottles. What kind of beer comes in...
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    A couple mead ideas

    Here's a few that I have done in case anyone is interested. I suppose many of you have made just about every concoction you could think of, right? Rosemary still mead, 15 lbs honey and a fat handful (couldn't touch finger to thumb, about 1 foot long) of rosemary simmered for 15-20 minutes...
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    ready to bottle-already carbonated?

    Hi. First post here. I'm not an expert brewer but have made enough batches over the years that I have lost count. I have a situation I have never encountered before. I recently made a light "American beer" for summer inebriation. It spent 11 days in primary at low 50s with lager yeast. OG...