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    Soon To Be Brewhouse

    It is time to get serious about my brewing now. Today I signed the paperwork on my brewhouse. It is on the lot next to mine, and to keep any more undesirables from coming into the area, I made an offer and now it's mine. I am trying on the name "Little House Ale Works", it might stick and...
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    My Apfelwein, Will it Carb.

    I assembled my afpelwein on Sept. 14th, and due to life and trying to come up with enough large Sam Smith bottles to bottle with, I was finally able to bottle tonight. I used the priming sugar as directed. What are the chances the yeast is still viable enough to carbonate as planed? I pulled off...
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    First Homebrew

    After three hours of work and two months of waiting, the day to try my first bottle of homebrew has arrived. The recipe is a clone of Stone's Ruination IPA. I had one minor mistake during brewing, the hop pellets swelled so much in the sock that it looked and felt like a cue ball. So I knew the...
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    Batch Size Info

    I bottled my first batch last night, and due to dry hopping in the secondary, I came up a few bottles short of 48 for a 5 gallon recipe. I know some brew 5.5 and 6 gallons for this reason, but at what point do you have to adjust the recipe to account for the extra water addition? Dale
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    A Noob Warning to Other Noobs

    I was getting things ready last night for a brew night tonight, along with assembling a batch of Apfelwein, and had the sink of Idophor rinse for the tools. Later last night I noticed that my silver ring was no longer silver, but was that nice shade of purple rainbow that tarnished silver gets...
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    Dry Hopping

    The recipe calls for dry hopping in the secondary, and I was afraid the pellets would expand and make it tough getting the bag out of the carboy neck, so I just dumped them in loose. Most of the residue settled to the bottom, with a gentle rocking every other day, but there is a slight scum of...
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    Gravity Question

    My first batch has been in the primary for ten days and has been pretty quiet for a couple of days, so I checked the gravity tonight and will tomorrow to see if it is ready to move to the secondary for dry hopping. It is an IPA with a recipe OG of 1.077, tonight it read a 1.073. The sheet also...