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    Cider hasn't started to ferment, 3 days.

    OK. My latest batch of cider: 5 gallons of water 10 frozen apple juice concentrate (no preservatives) about 4 pounds of sugar about 1/2 cup of fresh crabapples juiced (was hoping for wild yeast) it hasn't started fermenting after 3 days at all, the airlock shows a SLIGHT pressure, but...
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    quick 1st racking suggestion, filtering

    about ready to rack my 1st large (5 gal) batch of hard cider (I think its called racking when i bottle... still new to this so some terms might be not accurate) its on its 2nd fermentation, but expect to have a fair amout of trub at the bottom still (probably messed around more than i...
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    fall spiced cider

    still working on my 1st MAJOR batch of cider. wondering being it will be done around halloween, i want to spice up some of my bottles, but no the whole batch. I am using 750 mL bottles mostly to bottle my cider, and am thinking can i just put in a cinnimon stick, a few cloves, and maby...
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    deactivating/removing Sodium or Potassium Benzoate?

    OK, i was thinking of expirimenting with some weird flavors and juices, the problem is the majority has Sodium or Potassium Benzoate in them. which specifically stops or reduces yeasts. Is there a way to either easily remove, or deactivate this chemical so it doesn't interfere with yeast...
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    Fermentor grommet hole size

    I keep going out shopping, and think i want to get some hose that will fit tightly into the grommet that i usually have my airlock in. I know the hole the grommet is in is 1/2", but don't know what the interior hole size to the grommet is... I keep forgetting to measure. what exteriror...