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    Priming sugar vs carb drops....

    I'm about ready to bottle an Apfelwein. I've been kegging for awhile and have not bottled much.. I was wondering which way is better? Boiling up some priming sugar or using the carb drops. I've never used the drops. Is one better than the other??
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    Change keg and running out of gas...

    I had a keg and the gas gauge never moved..I just swapped a keg and in one day it almost emptied. What do I do?? BTW, it happened in one day...
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    Old Apfelwein???

    I have a friend that wanted a batch of apfelwein...I made it for him in February..He never bottled it and it went through a hot summer. Maybe 100 or 110 degree's or more. He still has it in a 6 gallon better bottle. What do you think. Is it still good? Friggin idiot!!!
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    Extract recipes to all- grain...

    I know i've seen threads on this before, so sorry...I'm going to start do all-grain batches soon. How would I change a recipe from extract to all grain?
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    How fast do you go through your kegged beer??

    Since I've been kegging beer, I can't seem to have a stash of full kegs. I finish one in 3 weeks or so. When I have one full, I've floated the other one. I know I have to brew more to have a few ready and willing, but WTF!! How fast do you put'em down??How many do you usually have stockpiled...
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    When do you stop thinking about Homebrewing???

    Do you every stop thinking about homebrewing beer?? I'm so excited because I have to rack a Kolsch to a keg Wednesday and I'm brewing a batch on Sunday...Plus, I'm going to Paul the Nurse on Saturday to brew all day.. Am I crazy????? BTW, I've been brewing for about a year...
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    How to best use a 7.2 freezer...

    I'm getting a 7.2cuft freezer. I would like to use it for lagering. While i'm lagering, can i use it for anything else..conditioning etc...How would you use it??
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    Lagering beer...

    I'd like to start lagering my beer. Are there any links or a step by step on temp control? I just got a freezer and a temp control.