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  1. JungMin

    Change in Volumes of CO2 @ Different Temperatures

    Hi, If I carbonate a beer at 34ºF and 9psi (giving 2.5 volumes of CO2) and then warm that beer up to 53ºF to serve, what will the resulting volume of CO2 be at the serving temperature? In other words, my carbonating temperature is 34ºF....How can I calculate the proper psi at that...
  2. JungMin

    Speciality Malts - Which Require Mashing??

    My go-to HBS in Seoul, Korea (of maybe 5? in the whole country) has a few different malts available. Here is the webpage: Grain Malts. I have 'The Complete Joy of Homebrewing', and it says that Crystal Malt has already been mashed. But Dextrine (Cara-pils) Mild, Vienna, and Munich malts all...
  3. JungMin

    Adding Cherries to Stout - How much?

    Most posts here definitely recommend adding fruit once racked to the secondary, but I'm not sure how much to add. I have a can of cherries in syrup, but how much to add to the secondary?? The whole can (not a small can, the bigger ones. like a can of tomatoes)?? Thanks
  4. JungMin

    Yeast Culture - How Much To Add When Pitching?

    I used some liquid yeast for the first time 2 batches ago. I collected all of the yeast on the bottom of the fermenter when it was done. On my next batch, I pitched all of the yeast that I collected from the fermenter, which was a fair amount. Fermentation started in about 2.5 hours...
  5. JungMin

    Counter-Flow Chiller Length??

    I am building a counter-flow chiller.....what length should I build? I will be buying 50' of copper pipe, but is that over doing it a bit?? I see lengths of 25', so maybe 50' isn't needed and will slow the flow rate too much?? Also, how do people connect the chiller to the wort?? What kind...
  6. JungMin

    Making a Counterflow Chiller - Hose Diameter?

    I have read the many posts about making a chiller, but most just mention 3/8" (9.52mm) as the outside diameter of the copper tubing. What inner diameter hose should I use?? I can get 15m (50') of copper tubing for $28 and 50' of garden hose for $10. Seems like a pretty good deal based on...
  7. JungMin

    Brewing Right Now....To Boil or Not to Boil???

    Hi, I am brewing a Morgan's Wheat beer right now....The water is heating up. It says to add the add the kit can and malt to water not over 75 degrees Celsius. I've made Morgan's before and thats what I did, no problems. BUT, this time i bought some dried orange peels and coriander to add...
  8. JungMin

    S.G. at 1020 after 2 weeks!?!?

    This is my second kit....The first kit turned out fine. So i got a Muntons Premium Gold (Midas Touch Golden Ale) kit and started it 2 weeks ago. Sanitized the hell out of everything exactly like i did the first time. I forgot to take the specific gravity when i started, so i have nothing to...
  9. JungMin

    Adding Yeast - Sprinkle on top or mix??

    Hi, The instruction on my first kit (Morgan's) said to mix the yeast in thoroughly. Now i'm on my second batch (Munton's Premium Gold) and the way I read it, it just says to add the yeast on top?? Am I reading this correctly??? Or should I always mix the yeast in with everything??? Thanks,