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    Did i kill my yeast?

    I Know this is an age old question.. but its new to me. Ill start of by saying my LHBS could not sell me a hydrometer. So i realize im up to the plate without a bat at this point. I compleated the broiling process, added my yeast, dry yeast. its been two days and ive seen limited bubbles coming...
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    SEcondary Fermentation Question

    I racked my beer from the plastic bucket to my carboy, a few days later a green layer formed at the bottom of my carboy, Im assuming this is just more sediment falling to the bottom. no worries, I noticed however that there is a thin white layer of..well, something on top of my green sediment...
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    Possible Infection? Fixable?

    Ij ust brewed my first beer and im worried there may be an infection in my yeast. now, I have no tangable information to support this other than a lost sleep over worrying about it:) if there is indeed a bacterial infection is there anyway i can save my brew?