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  1. K

    LME Question

    I was wondering if all LME of the same colour (eg. pale) give the same ppg or if it varies by brand
  2. K

    Golden Syrup

    has anyone ever brewed with golden syrup and if so how did it turn out? I think golden syrup is made up of Fructose and Glucose both are fermentable i think, so would Golden Syrup just increase alcohol content or does it also increase residual sweetness as well?
  3. K

    Oatmeal stout recipe

    Hi, Does anybody have a Oatmeal Stout recipe that uses extract and steeping grains that they would recommend. I work in a brewpub in New Zealand so can get malt and hops from there as well as yeast. I know the brewer has light, medium and dark crystal, pale chocolate malts and roasted...