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    Add DME to fermenter?

    I made a british bitter last night. I did a full boil (around 7gal) and it boiled off to about 5gal. My sg should've been 1.035 but only hit 1.030 It's already fermenting but i'm wondering if i could add anything to the fermenter to help raise the gravity?
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    New to BIAB

    I finally got an 8 gallon kettle (tall boy). and a dark star burner. I want to try to do NB British Bitter in a BIAB. Will my setup work (size) for 5 gallon batch? Here's the recipe: O.G: 1035 READY: 4 WEEKS Suggested fermentation schedule: -- 1 week primary; 1 week secondary; 2...
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    White labs austin homebrew english ale yeast wlp085

    I ordered the British IPA extract kit from Austin Homebrew. The OG was 1.058 and that's what I got. This has been a very slow slow slow start. Brewed on Saturday June 29th. It finally got a little airlock bubbling but barely. I know the airlock isn't a good judge, but it seems odd...
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    Aerate too much?

    I use one of those Aerating spinner things with my drill to aerate. I was wondering if it's possible to aerate too much?
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    Convert Extract to Partial

    I have a NB kit recipe for a British Bitter. I'd like to do it as a PM using my 20 quart kettle and brew bag. Looking to do a 5 gallon batch. O.G: 1.035 READY: 4 WEEKS 2 weeks primary, 2 weeks bottle conditioning KIT INVENTORY: SPECIALTY GRAIN -- 0.5 lbs Simpsons CaraMalt FERMENTABLES...
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    Specialty Grains

    Do they contribute toward the OG?
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    NB Brickwarmer Holiday Red Ale

    2 weeks in primary. Final at 1.013. OG=1.062 Into keg till Xmas. Looking forward to it.
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    Yeast nutrient too much?

    So i made the NB brickwarmer holiday red ale extract kit. I decided to add some yeast nutrient. I had som ld carlson handy. It said to add 1 tsp per gallon. Well, i added 2 tsp. the fermentation is insane. Blow off needed. However, it is fermenting non stop crazy for the pas two days with no...
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    Had to Pump My Auto Siphon

    So after I sanitized my auto siphon by pumping sanitizer through it (worked fine) I went to transfer my beer to the keg. Midway through the transfer bubbles and noise of the beer going through the tube started. Then it stopped transferring! So I started pumping it again and it would...
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    Too critical

    Do you ever feel like you are too critical of your beer to the point where you convince yourself it is no good?
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    First pour

    When I used 5' of beer line I never had this problem. Now at 10' beer line I get the foamy first pour. Fridge is at 38º. Do I need to turn off c02 and release pressure then turn c02 back on and pour? Is there a remedy for this?
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    Any suggestions on a good thermometer for extract brewing?
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    Looking for Stone Levitation Clone

    Anybody got one for extract?
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    Stone clone

    Stone Levitation clone Anybody?
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    Krausen drop

    Seems strange that I brewed on Sunday and my ESB Krausen fell after only one day. I'm guessing there's still fermentation happening (I know relax and have a home brew) but why would that collapse so quickly? I made a yeast starter the night before. The airlock started bubbling within a few...
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    Natural carb keg

    Have a keg that has naturally carbed with 1/3 corn sugar. When i hook it up to the co2, do i relaese the pressure and set the psi to 10 or not release pressure?
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    Amber extract for gold

    My lhbs only had muntons amber extract. No gold. The esb i am making says gold. Will there be much difference?
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    Reuse Yeast Left in Carboy

    So, I've seen that people will rack their finished beer out of a carboy and then pour their wort on top of the remainder. My question is..what about all that trub? Doesn't that affect the beer or is it ok?
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    British Ale II sub for 1469?

    I used that for the Innkeeper recipe (NB). Thoughts?
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    Specialty Grains with Extract

    Do they serve much purpose with an extract recipe?