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  1. redneckbeagle

    I can't believe how hard drilling a keg is

    Ditto on the 7/8 lennox hole saw!!!!
  2. redneckbeagle

    2nd in local GABF Pro-Am Brew-Off

    Hey Rick500, They did name it officially "Kentucky Coal Porter". Had the first taste at the Homebrew meeting last night. Turned out pretty good, so good a keg found it's way into my fridge!!!! Actually going to be nice the next couple years coming up, drinking beer and watching you guys...
  3. redneckbeagle

    Long Secondary's?

    I have a stout I am wanting to leave alone for a couple months. Are there any issues with long secondary's?
  4. redneckbeagle

    How do you store your grain?

    New to Bulk grain storage! Thinking of busting my 55 # bag into smaller freezer bags, trying to get as much air out as possible and place in the Freezer. Any problems with that? Thanks,
  5. redneckbeagle

    English Porter Brown Porter (AG) (UK/US)

    Orfy, How did it go with the Mods? Thinking of doing it this weekend.
  6. redneckbeagle

    Sanke Mash Tun Build

    Thinking of doing this also. I have lot's of questions. Do you have to worry about scorching? Or are you just adding enough heat to hold the mash temp? Do you doing any stirring during the mash time, would that clog up the false bottom?
  7. redneckbeagle

    Cultured Yeast Question?

    I cultured some yeast off of a batch of Hefe I did and am wanted to see if it is still viable and make a starter. Do I use the clear portion or the thick portion in the bottom?
  8. redneckbeagle

    Where is best US Oktoberfest?

    Ok guys I have been to the real deal, but this crappy economy will not allow that this year!!!! Where is some of the best US locations for domestic Oktoberfest festivities? Where it be? :ban::ban:
  9. redneckbeagle

    Augustiner in VEGAS?

    Does anybody know where I can pick up some Augustiner in Las Vegas?:mug:
  10. redneckbeagle

    Is it a pilsner? Is it an ale?

    Did this with a trappist ale yeast!! Loved it!!!
  11. redneckbeagle

    How to pick a category for your beer?

    I did enter it in the specialty category and that is what they balked on. I used the guidelines to determine what category to place it in. How can any beer be judged objectively in a catch all specialty category. If I have to brew to tradition to enter into a category, I guess I am just...
  12. redneckbeagle

    How to pick a category for your beer?

    It says no Target style assigned.
  13. redneckbeagle

    How to pick a category for your beer?

    I have taken a traditional recipe, used non traditional hops, Ale yeast instead of Lagering, and dry hopped that is not traditional to the style. How do I pick a category to enter it in for a competition? Once I did a way, way, way BIG Northern Brown Ale. It was definitely to high in...
  14. redneckbeagle

    Looking for dry hopping techniques?

    Hop bag or not? Crush or not? Leaf hops instead of Pellets? Before or after racking? Weight in the hop bag or just let it float around? I know all may be possible, but looking for a consensus?
  15. redneckbeagle

    Pilsner with ale yeast....

    add a little more Munich and Cara pils. or some base malt. I think either would work. I am all for trying new things. You might just come up with something you like. I did what I called the kitchen sink, which was all the extra stuff I had laying around and it turned out pretty good. Good...
  16. redneckbeagle

    Pilsner with ale yeast....

    Take a look at BierMunchers "Helles Belles". Just did one yesterday and used the Safeale US 05. Done it with a European Ale before, so expecting good results with the US 05.
  17. redneckbeagle

    Best Place to buy Bulk Grains?

    Need some suggestions on the best places to buy Bulk Grain?
  18. redneckbeagle

    Should I switch to Blow Off Tube?

    Done!!! Thanks. I have done about 15 batches and only put a blowoff tube on one, until now!!!
  19. redneckbeagle

    Should I switch to Blow Off Tube?

    I have a beer blowing (ooooooozing) up thru the air lock. Should I change to a Blowoff tube? Would that just be an opportunity to introduce an infection?