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  1. J

    Cheap ball lock Cornies

    Kegs are outstanding well worth the money! Thanks for the kegs.
  2. J

    20 gallon glass fermentor for sale on craigslist cincinnati

    I jumped the gun, I sent an email to another person inaddition to the carboy and the person who emailed me back was not for the glass carboy. I never heard back from the carboy? So Idid not get it, but still waiting for the email!
  3. J

    20 gallon glass fermentor for sale on craigslist cincinnati

    I bought it and going to batch age a mead for a year, bottle age for a year and enjoy my waiting...
  4. J

    Columbus OH

    yeah I have been brewing kits for awhile and before I make the jump into buying gear would like to run through it a few times with someone, but thanks for the advice and will check it out.
  5. J

    Columbus OH

    I am looking for someone that would be willing to teach me how to all grain brew in columbus ohio. I have a good concept of it I would just like to work with someone to gain techniques rather then learn them the hard way... If someone is in the columbus area and would like some help please let...
  6. J

    Military Brewers

    I saw a while back a post about poeple willing to help troops coming back from a deployment get into brewing beer. I cant find it, I live in columbus, OH and would like to start brewing beer. I have read a lot about (I had a lot of time) but would also like to work with someone that may be...