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    Electric BK

    GFCI can not share the loads for which they are monitoring. They compare the exiting and returning current to make they are equal (and trip if the currents do not match). These devices will not properly work and potentially save your life if they are installed incorrectly. The grounds can be...
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    Electric BK

    The National Electrical Code (NEC) defines a continuous load as one that continues for three hours or longer. Most homebrewing applications will not require one to run a heating element continuously for three hours. Restricting yourself to the 80% rule will not inherently make your system safer...
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    Preventing excess exposure to O2 during secondary with small batches

    I have a number of carboys filled with 2-3 gallons in primary fermentation (I split up my wort to try different yeast). I have two converted freezers (with love controllers) for fermentation and clearing. I would like to rack for secondary fermentation, but I am concerned about exposure to...
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    Love Controller in Collar

    Nope, that's just the plastic cover the snaps on. Just cut the proper hole in the collar material and slide it in. When I installed mine in freezer doors, I cut a hole that was slightly smaller and then ground the steel down until the controller fit perfectly. To start, it is better to make a...
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    how do I ship a filled Corny keg

    Airport security is not that good. But suspicions would probably be raised by transporting a large cylindrical container... Why don't you just put some of your beer in bottles, perhaps 22oz or 750mL bottles. As others have said, it's hardly a problem to travel with bottles in ones suitcase, I...
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    Love Controllers on Sale ($41.65) until Oct. 31 @ Cole-Parmer

    All Cole-Parmer products are on sale until the end of the month (10/31). You get 15% off when you enter the promotion code, see the details here. This reduces the price of the Love Controller to 41.65. I'm disappointed that they don't sell the two-state controllers and that I already bought...
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    Temperature Control System Beta Testers Needed!

    I plan on using the DS18S20 digital temperature sensors and may use a one wire controller to conserve digital pins. When you say your controller has "6 outputs for relay control, 4 inputs" does this include the 4 analog inputs? If so, how did you decide upon that number of digital pins? I'm...
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    Temperature Control System Beta Testers Needed!

    I'm curious. What kind of controller are you using? Is a computer interface required (like the LabJack that John Beere is using on his system)? I just recieved my order of solid state relays from sure electronics. They operate an ebay store. If you message them for orders, you can get reduced...
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    Love Temp Controller Question

    The first thing you need to ask yourself is what application you are going to use this for. If you are going to use it to ferment you need to be sure that the environment it is in (e.g. garage) will not get too cold. You can not regulate a 60-70F fermentation if freezer is in the garage where it...
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    All Electric Brewing System with Steam

    Thanks for the overview. I think a floating control actuator would work for the steam application. I think the Belimo you have is only rated to 212F. I've been looking at a few pressure sensors. There is a reasonably priced Kulite HK-120G-375 20psi sensor (they are rated for high...
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    All Electric Brewing System with Steam

    What do you mean by control system capabilities? Also, could you please explain how a floating control actuator works?
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    All Electric Brewing System with Steam

    Well I won this solenoid, it is rated to 200psi but only 180F. I was planning on using this along with a float switch to help fill up the HLT. I think I might get the High Temp Electric Solenoid Valve (McMaster-Carr: 4807t21). This is the one that Brewman referred to in his thread on steam...
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    All Electric Brewing System with Steam

    I've been trying to find a solenoid valve to use to control the steam from my boiler to my MT. Do you think this valve would work? Also, I've been trying to find a pressure sensor to regulate the boiler, but have been really unsuccessful on ebay. Maybe something like this? Any other sources...
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    Phase 2 brewery build progress shots

    How do you control the flow of steam in your inline system (do you use a solenoid valve)? To control the temperature of the wort are you adjusting the wort's flow rate as well. More to the point, what variables are being adjusted to reach the desired temperature of the wort? Did you purchase...
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    Phase 2 brewery build progress shots

    What made you choose to use an inline steam mixer over a manifold within the boil kettle? I'm in the process of building an electric system in which steam will be used to heat the mash and I'm trying to decide which direction to go. Also, what is the diffuser that you are using for your steam...
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    All Electric Brewing System with Steam

    I was merely trying to respond to the question posed about why our house was wired for two 200A breaker boxes when most of our appliances use natural gas. Your point is well taken and I'm glad to have all the people who are experts on these matters.
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    Love 2 Stage Temp controller

    I'm going to pick one of those up soon for my 20 cu ft freezer (fermentation chamber). I have a few single stage controllers and I love them. I'm trying to decided if I should use a blanket or a inferred light as the heating source.
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    All Electric Brewing System with Steam

    The house is large. About ~5000SF with basement and garage (we've got 8 people currently living comfortably in this thing--down from 10:)). They wired for appliances that we are not using. They wanted to ensure that there would be options for a potential buyer. Here are the big Amp items...
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    All Electric Brewing System with Steam

    I have really learned a lot by doing two things: (a) checking out a basic book on wiring from the library (in my case Ultimate Guide to Wiring) and (b) reading as much as I could about other electric brewing projects (and other projects that use similar technology) on this forum and other sites...