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    Tyskie Beer

    Hello, My Great Uncle has just returned from a trip to Poland and has been raving about Tyskie beer. He has asked if I can brew him something similar. Does anyone have a clone recipe or has anyone brewed anything similar? I am not currently an all-grain brewer but I brew with extracts and...
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    Belgian Dark Strong Ale

    Hello, I am brewing a Belgian Dark Strong Ale according to the following recipe, which I modified from a recipe I found in a book: My starting gravity was 1.100. I just racked it to the secondary. I measured the gravity and it was 1.042, corresponding to an ABV of about 7.5%. I was kind...
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    Premium Honey in Central Iowa

    I was at Spring Valley Farms today. He is currently spinning combs and has raw (unheated, unfiltered, just spun from the comb 5 minutes ago) honey. We talked for about an hour about honey, bee health, honey uses and the honey business. He is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. If you're...
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    Scotch Eggs

    A little something to go with your homebrew: How to Make Scotch Eggs